My Picks Of The Week #46

Heading out to watch the new Bond movie tonight. What are your plans for the weekend? Here are My Picks Of The Week. Only 6 more weeks to go until the end of this year… Crazy! Have a great weekend you all 🙂

Me – Who Am I?
We wonder why people are so out of control? Maybe it all starts at home, as parents, teaching our kids the right values…

Ah Dad…
If only more people would step up. It would teach everyone involved a good lesson…

Kevin Hellriegel’s Blog Of Worthless Advice
Yep, sometimes it’s you…

The Playground
Great little quiz… What did you get?

Scary Mommy
It will never end… life will never be so called normal for the victims, never the same as it is for people who never had to go through abuse…

Erika Kind
Each and every moment can turn in a great memory if we allow it to…

Just Plain Ol’Vic
Glad Vic shared this post with me in my Blogger Meet & Greet post. I couldn’t agree more with him…

It’s a shorter list than usually, but you can find some more great posts in the comments to my blogger Meet & Greet post, if you like to check them out and have not done it yet. Please feel free to share your link there as well as the party is still going.

Find my previous Picks Of The Week here.

12 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #46

  1. Thank you!! I would love to hear people’s feedback on that post. As always, I look forward to reading the other posts you mentioned. You and your sharing of others’ work helps to create such a wonderful community!

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  2. Ah Dad’s post about standing up to bullies was incredible. I love that he laced it with a bit of humor while keeping the overall message in tact. I read that one when he first posted it and loved it.

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