25 thoughts on “Time For Change

  1. These are indeed scary times. We face an implacable enemy, one which places absolutely no value on human life, and is quite willing to destroy all life on earth if their viewpoint doesn’t prevail. The last world-wide enemy we faced, the Axis Powers, were willing to admit defeat and come to terms with having lost the war. Now we have a group who have embraced the ideology of domination or death to all. Perhaps our president will see fit to send another 50 advisors.

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      • “What are we up for?” is indeed the question. We are not facing an enemy who wants to possess our lands and resources or use us as forced labor. This enemy wants the entire population of earth to either convert to his religion or die, and offers no other option. This is not a conventional war, fought for all the conventional, historical reasons. This is a holy war in the eyes of our foe, fought for the glory of God with salvation and eternal bliss in heaven as the reward for victory. They don’t teach rules of engagement for this type of conflict at the War College.

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  2. Be the change you wish to see in the world … We cannot change the hearts of others, only our own. Terror is a word, as much as is compassion – Does the media make light of random acts of compassion – of the thousands of people handing out food and water to Syrian refugees entering Eastern Europe? No, yet each newscast I see today, continues to be interspersed with adds selling pharmaceuticals and automobiles. Yes, there is definitely something wrong with this world, to fix it we must begin in our own hearts…

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  3. Humans are so young and capable of so much hate and so much good. It will get worse, much worse before before lessons have been learned. Thoughts create reality, we must focus on love and drive it forward so it will spread everywhere. Love is a very bright light that heals all the pain and darkness in it’s path. Let’s all spread some love today.

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