One More Time

I find it interesting how moving around in time seems to be a theme for so many people. It’s either about heading to the future or back in time. And I wonder why this is the case? Why is it so hard to stay in the presence?

Of course there are moments we loved experiencing and love to think back to. But would you really want to go back an relive it again? Is it not good enough to just think back, maybe look at pictures and talk about it with someone who was there with you?

I understand that you can look forward to something with heaps of anticipation and hardly wait for the day to come. I’ve been there too. But would you want to skip all the days in between only to get there faster? Imagine what you might would miss out on! Imagine what important information you might lack from if you don’t live day by day until that very day you so badly want to arrive. Maybe what you are looking forward to would be even better if you had spend those days waiting for it rather than traveling in time.

Now with those moments in the past it’s the same. I think at least. Don’t you think that sometimes memories are actually even better than the real thing? Now, if I would travel back in time to that very day I might realize that although it’s been fantastic it’s might not be as great as it became while you were dreaming of it and telling people about it.

Is there a day I would want to relive from the past 12 months? No. There are many days that I consider amazing days and that I love thinking back to and talking about. But going back? No.

There’s too much happening in the here and now I wouldn’t want to miss out on while time traveling. There are more memories to be made, more fantastic days to be spend with the people I love.

Nothing will bring me back that day from the past. Not even traveling back in time and reliving it again. What has passed has passed and it’s the way it’s supposed to be.


Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – One More Time

29 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. Time is the relative motion in consciousness compared to the relative motion of the background of experience … Interesting post. I have given much thought to the time paradox … I do not believe it is the fourth dimension the way it is described in modern / classical physics … I have not figured out how to describe it better than the opening line, I will continue to meditate on it … Thank you for sharing your thoughts !

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