My Picks Of The Week #47

Another week has passed. And what a week it was. So many things happening in this world at the moment. Let’s hope that we will soon be able to read more positive and beautiful news than the ones we had over the last days. Here are my picks of this week. Of course they have been influenced by what happened in Paris, Beirut and Nigeria. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the violence will stop and in the spirit of Antoine Leiris: Let’s not give the gift of hate!

Fill Your Own Glass
Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves what the most important job truly is…

Lucinda E Clarke
And suddenly it happens in your backyard…

Ah Dad…
I can be very patient but sometimes it really helps if you lose your s..t…

Dream Big, Dream Often
There’s so much to this post that made me smile and nod my head…

Between Two Tides
A beautiful post about a beautiful place on this planet and about an amazing craft…

Trending Stylist
Wow! Smearing coffee on your butt??? Apparently coffee is not only good for drinking…

If only everyone would take their time to educate their children properly about what’s going on in this world at the moment…

Faraday’s Candle
I love jellyfish and here are some cool facts about them…

A special kind of toilet talk…

A great speech…

A good reminder what we can be grateful for…

Well said!


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22 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #47

  1. This made my day, my week, my month, even my year! 😉
    Thank you so much, for the kind words, picking me, especially to be in such lovely company – picker included 😉
    It has been a rough week for the world in many ways, hope we can keep remembering the good things. 🙂
    Hope this weekend treats you well and thank you again!!! 🙂

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