Today I felt rushed. To the point where it almost felt like stress. I recently mentioned to a fellow blogger that sometimes out of the blue a massive wave seems to appear that feels like it’s going to crush you and everything around you. Today I felt like standing in front of that wave.

I’m not really sure why it hit me that hard today. Probably because we are running around like crazy trying to get sorted in regards to finding a new home. Christmas is just around the corner and all I want is get in the spirit and decorate the house but not knowing exactly if we move before the Holidays or not doesn’t make it easy.

Anyway, it’s what I call a first world problem. Nothing major and yet it got to me. So I took the dogs on a walk. Reluctantly, as I would have preferred to get stuff organized. What exactly I can’t really tell… Probably looking at real estate sites over and over again… I don’t know.

Once I’ve reached to park and watched the dogs run around, heard the birds sing and felt the wind in my face, everything, all the pressure seemed to fall off my shoulders. I must have been breathing in a shallow way before as I suddenly felt like my breathing became deeper again.

I felt how my pace suddenly slowed down and how I started looking around again, letting my focus drift from everything that I can’t really do much about just now to what’s surrounding me. Β And it made me feel so much better.It was a good reminder to realize how often we get hung up trying to get things done right now that we actually can’t solve in that very moment.

I’m sure glad I took those two crazy little goofballs out for a walk. I needed it at least as much as they did…

37 thoughts on “Rushed

  1. Pets are a perfect examples of how we should live. They do not Gary in the past, nor fret for the future. Each moment another breath, some restful, some joyous and celebrant. We might think of them as A-muse-ing! See?

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  2. Have you seen a Christmas Story? At the end of the day they had their dinner in the most unexpected place and it was the most memorable Christmas ever! It’s what you make of it. You are so creative and I think can make it work in a tent in the backyard!
    This might be your most memorable Christmas…the one you lived in the moment!

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  3. I do understand your thoughts about moving this time a year. I’m going to move too and I don’t know to where or the date either.
    I walk with Odin twice a day for long walks and it helps me to slow down mentally and take one day a time. Nature is so amazing. Wish you all good luck.

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  4. There is a lot of stress to moving but it is also a great chance for giving. You have a reason to sort through absolutely everything you own and decide whether it still needs to be a part of your life. Then all that perfectly good stuff you don’t need or want you get to give to people that have a need for it! It’s a double win, you don’t have to pack and move and someone gets a blessing.

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