SL-Week 21: Love

I really enjoy Silvain Landry’ Photo Challenges. This time the theme is “Love”. What a beautiful theme. But how to put such a strong, deep and diverse feeling into a picture. I mean I could post a pic of a heart. I could post a pic of a couple holding hands or hugging or kissing. I could… but I tend to post the picture that comes to my mind first when I look at the title of the photo challenge. And this time it was a picture of a flower.

spring rose

Roses are often given as a sign of love. And for me a rose is one of the most beautiful flowers on this planet. Have you ever have a close look at a rose petal? Have you noticed how smooth they are? The structure of them? Have you noticed that some of them seem to have veins? When I looked at the rose in the picture it took my breath away. It was the most beautiful thing in this world, from the color to the shape to it’s beautiful scent. And then I had a closer look at it and realized those fine lines on the petals which made me think of the soft skin on a young woman’s body.

When a man picks a flower like this for a woman, he wants to impress her. He wants to show his love to her in the form of a very special gift. It’s more than just a flower.

13 thoughts on “SL-Week 21: Love

  1. My wife always tells me that she doesn’t want me to “waste” money getting her flowers. I am glad that I choose to not listen to what she is saying but focusing on what she needs.

    Sometimes a flower is more than just a flower indeed.

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