Swear Jar

Listened to a song on the radio the other day. In short it was about being the lesson of being polite and then a realization and then a lot of F-words. Believe it or not it actually made me think.

It made me thing of all the moments I had a smile on my face, biting my tongue and being polite with someone I could not stand.

It made me think of all the moments I had a smile on my face, biting my tongue and being polite with someone who was as impolite as it can get.

It made me think of all the moments I had a smile on my face, biting my tongue and being polite with someone who was unbelievably rude to me in that very moment.

It made me think of all those moments I watched others putting a smile on their face and being polite although the person they dealt with was so far from being polite, it was ridiculous.

And I thought about how awesome it would have been in all those moments to simply look at those people, maybe still with a smile on my face and just say: F*** you! All due respect but there’s no respect due! I’m outta here…

And I wonder what they reaction might have been…


27 thoughts on “Swear Jar

  1. Oh yes, wouldn’t we just. In my days we were told The Customer is Always Right, even though they were talking a load of ****. Hubby said in his forces days they could more or less say what they wanted to the officers, as long as they ended their sentence with ‘Sir’. Sometimes, just sometimes………….

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  2. I can imagine how many times in a day I want to say to another…F**k you! Instead I smile, give it some minutes or seconds then I respond with a funny statement. I think it’s healthy to say the words once in say a year though. Lol

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  3. Ah, the art of holding your tongue. Pretty sure most people would love to just say want they want without penalty. Hmmm, maybe there should be some kind of “holiday” for that – said with tongue in cheek.

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  4. My wife and I had a swear jar. Had to get rid of it, couldn’t afford it. Ended up being filled with paper slips of IOUs.


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  5. I too used to just smile, let it roll off, and go about my day. Now though, with age and a diminishing filter, I’m quick to call it as I see it, call people on their bullshit, and do just that: a well timed fuck you is sometimes the best phrase in certain certain situations.

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  6. I was shopping a while ago, there were two teenage girls within earshot of me thinking they were all that and a bag of chips, talking about me in a way that was not at all flattering. Now I was dressed well and my hair was clean and combed. Rather than go over and tell these little snots to shut the fuck up and ask where they got the right to judge anyone. I calmly walked up, got in their “personal space” and said “Fortunalely for me, in the overall scheme of the universe your opinion means less than nothing to me” 🙂

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  7. Agree, why were we brought up to be so polite. Imagine how good it would be to just say, f you and never speak to me again, thank you! I couldn’t go through with it though, five minutes later I would be like, please speak to me again. Oh dear.

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    • Kind of depends on the person. I guess with people I don’t really have to get along I really wouldn’t mind. But then I do explain to them what I think of them too. Maybe not with the F word but still…

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  8. I’ve learned that some people are like that. They can say whatever, be so brutally honest that no one bats an eyelash. There are teachers like this and the kids love them. Then there are other who if they tried to say the same things, jaw would hit the floor and people would stand stunned, unbelieving of what they just heard. Me? I’m a tongue biter… I can’t be that “no filter” kind of person.

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