Time To Pull Myself Together…

… again and focus on healthier eating again rather than only the exercise. Thanks, Silver Threading, for reminding me about what I promised myself at the beginning of this year (see here). The year actually started off really successful but then I got sidelined by a terrible flu in the middle of it and honestly almost totally lost track of what I promised myself I’d do.

Although I found back to my workout routine, I kind of left the healthy eating on the sideline. It’s time to change that. So in the spirit of Silver Threading’s Mindful Monday it’s time to do something. I will not post eating plans or workout schedules but I will aim on keeping you all posted on my progress. There are so many things we can do (even if we don’t really want to do them…).

Exactly a year ago I decided to not drink alcohol during December. Honestly, it was a tough one. Not only do I really, really, really love my wine but it’s also a month with heaps of special events. But I did it. It was not always easy and I admit that I had a glass of wine on Christmas but I made it to New Years Eve. I know that I can achieve whatever I set my mind on and so can you.

Just as a little side note…

So if you do want to change something about your eating habits do it! For me it will be cutting back on sugar and carbs and the snacking during the day. What are you planning on changing to become healthier?

33 thoughts on “Time To Pull Myself Together…

  1. Great post. I have to admit I have given up alcohol all together and don’t miss it. Now if I could just do the same for soda (or pop for the Northerners out there).

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  2. I love this Momma’s view! I am so happy to have your company on this journey. I loved the wine quotes! Actually, I am allowing myself a couple of mixed drinks (4-ounces of alcohol = 4 Points Plus Points, and a 5-ounce glass of wine = 5 Points Plus Points) or wine only on the weekends. If I limit myself too much I feel deprived and that is a recipe for disaster for me! Thank you for this positive uplifting post. It means the world to me. ❀

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  3. Ugh. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been trying to find/make the time to get running again. I miss it. But it’s going to require giving something up. I used to go after the kids were in bed, but that has become me and DW time to chill together and watch TV. I could go right after the boys get home (and myself if I’m subbing) but that would mean less time with them. I could go in the morning before school, but that would require getting up at 5 am and risking waking the kids as I go out and getting to bed earlier which would mean give up that first one. I am eating healthier, I just need to add in the exercise (just the opposite of you!).

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