SL – Week 22: Transparency

I knew exactly which picture I wanted to post for Silvain Landry’s task of his SL Photo Challenge. But then I started thinking about what the word “Transparency” means. The definition is pretty clear:

1. The condition of being transparent.”the transparency of ice”
2. A positive transparent photograph printed on transparent plastic or glass, able to be viewed using a slide projector.

But then there’s also a behavioral side to the word.

Openness in communication. Accountability.

So I tried to figure out how to capture that in a picture… How would you picture openness, communication or accountability really? Of course I know there are pictures for it. But how to put the meaning of it really in a picture?

In any case, here is what I came up with:

First up my friend the jellyfish…


Then of course a wave:


I tried really hard to come up with a picture that could showcase openness but so far I did not succeed. How could you possibly picture honesty and openness? It’s a feeling, it’s a value… and that you simply can’t put in a picture…

13 thoughts on “SL – Week 22: Transparency

  1. I think you did well. They are beautiful pictures. To get transparency in people can be difficult In order to find it I think we need to find pure emotion. Pure love, pure sorrow, pure kindness. Remember the first pictures of you and your child right after you gave birth? That is about the purest love anyone is ever going to find. I have a picture of my Maternal Grandfather that is my favorite picture of him. An Uncle had taken him fishing. Grandpa was sitting alone on the dock early in the morning. He wasn’t aware that my Uncle was awake or that he had taken a picture of him. The look on his face is pure happiness, contentment and peace.

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