Let The Sunshine In


It’s shaping up to be a beautiful and most probably rather hot day today. The sun is shining, not just outside but in here too. Thanks so much, Grubbs n Critters, for nominating me for another Sunshine Blogger Award. Have you visited this fun blog yet? No? You are seriously missing out on something. To give you an idea what you might miss out on, here’s the beginning of her About page:

“When life gives you lemons, ask for kiwis. Make that a PURPLE kiwi. Change your mind 3.28 seconds later. Demand for the lemons back. But! Without the lemon inside. Then ball your eyes out because the lemons are not pink.

Insist on only pink lemon. No, wait.  Don’t want lemons anymore. Not the normal, oval ones. Just lemons. But octagonal. And pink.

Wait. What are those lemons doing in the cats’ litterbox?!”

A pretty fun way to start an introduction of yourself and your blog, don’t you think?

Anyway… Please head over and check out Grubbs n Critters. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

And now to the award itself (I’m super excited…):

To the rules:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Answer the eleven questions from your nominator(s). Okydoky
  • Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions to answer. Oh boy… Who to nominate???

As my dear friend has not asked questions directly I take the liberty to answer the question that were posed to her. They are pretty awesome questions!

    1. Voltaire once said that a person should be judged by their questions rather than their answers – what question would you pose? 
      Would the world be a more peaceful place if we would do that?
    2. Mahatma Gandhi advised us to learn as if were to live forever.  What did you learn today? 
      The day is still young but so far I’ve learned a dish fresh out of a hot oven burns your fingers… and that typing with burned fingers hurt…
    3. Marilyn Manson suggests to be yourself and make a difference.  What difference did you make today? 
      Does making brownies count? Does that make a difference? Other than that so far I wasn’t able to make a difference. It’s 9am at this point…
    4. Audrey Hepburn believes laughter cures a multitude of ills.  What last made you laugh? 
      Watching the kids play yesterday on the beach, a funny remark of my husband last night and the fact that I grabbed a hot dish with bare fingers a couple of minutes ago…
    5. Satchel Paige asks, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”
      I think that would depend on the day and the time of the day. Right now I would probably be exactly my age…
    6. ‘Why?’ is the endless question of a child.  What’s your why?
      Why do people always judge?
    7. Oscar Wilde observed that we each are our own devil and that we make this world our hell.  What would you need to do to make this world your heaven?
      He might have been right but it doesn’t really apply to me. My world is actually pretty awesome. Don’t feel like it’s hell at all. I do see the point though. We can make our lives pretty miserable by having a bad attitude…
    8. The UN declared 30 human rights.  Was anything left out?
      If only we would stick to them…
    9. John Stuart Mill argued that non-conformity and eccentricity is an essential service to society.  Do you agree?
      I totally think it needs both of it in our society. Otherwise it would be boring. It’s like giving it all kind of different colors.
    10. Woody Allen attributes 80% of success to just turning up.  What might you have succeeded at if you had just turned up?
      Oh boy, that’s a tricky one… did I miss anything in my life? I really don’t think so. But then you might never know, right? Maybe if you would have showed up at a certain place at a certain time you might have gained something. But you might as well have lost something , right? So I think it’s all exactly the way it should be…
    11. Think of a quote and ask yourself the question you would have liked me to ask.
      How about this: Can you answer me the question why people are always complaining, rather than being happy with what they have?


Thanks A Cooking Pot And Twisted Tales for letting me borrow this pic 😉


21 thoughts on “Let The Sunshine In

  1. Ouch! To typing with burnt fingers! And I’m with you on human rights – they are nicely typed out but most don’t give a crap about it. Great answers, Sandra! Those questions are by far the coolest I’ve come across. Oh yes! Brownies definitely count. 😊

    And thank YOU for the response! Have a wonderful, sunshine day! X.

    Liked by 1 person

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