My Picks Of The Week #49

I was just wondering when you put your Christmas tree up (for those of you who do)? What kind of special Christmas tradition do you have? I would love to hear about it. There are only 20 days left until it’s Christmas and I’m really looking forward to it. For now, I hope you enjoy my picks of this week. Have a happy weekend you all…

Silver Threading
It’s all about being healthy and watching what you eat… and allowing yourself a treat every now and then…

Coach Daddy
A very inspiring post about accepting where you are in your life…

A beautiful post about overcoming obstacles…

Scary Mommy
I’d love to hear your take on this. I’m still not too sure what to make of this…

Les Astuces Vertes de Kory et Cie
What a beautiful idea for a Christmas tree that doesn’t take up that much space… and looks amazing…

Habit Of Helping
Easy 5 steps of helping those in need…

Really don’t know what to say but she has so many great points about politics…

But I Smile Anyway…
Spot on, Ritu… I have to say though that I’m really glad I don’t have to take decisions about this right now…

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26 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #49

  1. Growing up, my mother insisted on waiting to put up our tree until after my birthday; less than 2 weeks to Christmas. She wanted me to have my special day without it being lumped with a holiday. It always irritated me because I wanted to put up our tree early like my friends. As a mom, my oldest was born January 1st and my youngest December 31st (I know, I know), but I instantly understood when my oldest was born. This year, my youngest chose a table top tree and a fake wreath for the door. With just the three of us at home, we all agreed it would be easiest. A money and time saver.

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  2. I love setting up the tree. I like to head over to my folks’ place and help them with theirs too. We make hot chocolate, play some old records my dad has, and decorate. As far as Christmas Eve goes, we make lots of mexican traditional food for the holiday, like tamales! 🙂 A TON of work in the kitchen haha, but always a fun time with everyone.


  3. Our daughter in college loves to pick out the tree with us. It’s one of her favorite traditions. So we’re waiting until next week, when she comes home. And she didn’t want me to put up any of the decorations in the house until she is here to help. I feel blessed, I have a little elf to help me 🙂

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  4. Thanks! Oh, and my tree is going up on the 20th, we’ve decided (not much room and it does get in the way, even in the corner of the lounge!)… but my neighbours below, they’ve had decorations on their door since mid-november 😀

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  5. Our tree went up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I hung the fragile ornaments, but left the bag of safe ornaments for the kids. They put them on when the mood hit them. I sort of agree with scary mommy. Most kidnappings and abuse comes from family members… statistically speaking. It’s good to wary of strangers, but not scared. And I loved Eli’s elevator analogy.

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    • I agree with you on both… I do think that it’s important to teach them the basics about stranger danger but to make sure they understand that they can reach out for help as well. And Eli’s post is great! The elevator is a perfect analogy.

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  6. My decorations go up the beginning of December. I want to enjoy Thanksgiving fully, then ease into Christmas. I try to have a tree of some sort or decorations in every room and especially love the tree I decorate in memory of my mom. It is adorned with her ornaments and a few special momemtos of her past.

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    • Beautiful… I love when there’s some sentimental side to it. Unfortunately all the ornaments I brought from Switzerland and that had a “history” broke one year when I pushed the tree over while taking the ornaments down… never had a tree cleaned up that quickly… Over the years we bought some ornaments here and there that now hold some special memories.

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