Weather Mood

It’s too hot, too cold. It rains too much, it does not rain enough. It’s too foggy, the suns too bright. For some reason people always find aΒ  reason to complain about the weather. Something we can’t change and hopefully will never be able to influence either.

It’s not just the complaining. It’s also how the weather can get to people. I always considered myself a sunshine child. Not because I grew up in a tropical part of the world. Nope. Switzerland is far from being tropical, believe me. And still the sun is shining quite a bit over there. At least if you live in the mountains and don’t have to deal with the fog for most of the winter.

Growing up in the mountains meant that the weather was either good or bad. You basically got up, looked out the window and you knew what you had to dress in for the day. It was either sunny, overcast, raining or snowing (oh well, of course there were the little in-betweens, but you get what I’m saying).

Living in the lower regions of Switzerland during late fall and into mid winter, though, meant to sometimes not know what kind of weather it really was. It was just grey. Grey and cold and unfriendly.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I do like fog. I find it actually pretty nice, maybe even calming. So when we had foggy days in the mountains I really enjoyed it. But if you have day after day after day of it and you never really know if it’s morning, mid day or evening because it’s so dark, it kind of starts getting to you.

Especially when you know that where you grow up it looks more like this:

Although I never really thought that the weather would affect my mood, I could witness what it did to others while living in one of the bigger cities of Switzerland. While in the beginning of the foggy season (which usually lasts from end October to February) people were still kind of friendly and in an okay mood in the mornings, by the time that mood changed. People actually started getting as grey as the weather mood-wise.

The smiles were gone and all you got in return for a friendly “good morning” was a grumpy look.

There were stretches of days on which it felt like no natural light would get to you and I guess that was the reason why people started getting moody.

I remember how some of the other students once asked me how I managed to keep my good mood. My answer was easy: I kept that sun shining inside of me, which was probably the case too. But to be honest it was the fact, that I was able to escape the fog every weekend, heading back to the mountains to stay with my parents and see the sun again. Without it, I’m sure, the days of dark grey weather would have gotten to me too eventually…

Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Climate Control


31 thoughts on “Weather Mood

  1. However the weather is someone will be complaining. Btw. I too like the foggy ambience. Most of all around Christmas time. By now we barely had fog, so still potential to bear it… lol

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  2. Great post ! Maybe the amount of sunshine people are exposed to on a foggy day is responsible for the grumpy looks and frosty moods in the afternoons on a foggy day- but you are so right- the weather does affect our moods and usually it is on a cloudy day that I find many things going wrong with my life. Though I love the cold, when I get cold, I started thinking “sunshine-hoey”.

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    • I think we need those cloudy days as well, maybe to just calm down… who knows. You know what I still find nice? When it’s really cold but the sun’s out and you can feel the warmth on your back or in your face while the air still feels cold…

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  3. I am a fan of foggy weather, I absolutely love it, it feels comforting somehow. However, it is rare where I live and so I revel in the overcast, low light and foggy days. Everyone loves sunshine and summer, but five months of searing hot days trapped in either unbearably hot interiors, or air conditioning, is just as restrictive as five months of grey cold weather. I have always thought that when one is cold, you can usually exercise or jump about to get your blood pumping and warm up a bit, but it is prety hard to cool one’s body down. Too much sun has its own problems. I think the weather is one of those, ” the grass is greener on the other side” type issues.

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  4. Beautiful philosophy to keep the sun shining inside… At the risk of sounding like a total cheesy romantic, my fiance’s name translates to the sun and presently, he definitely feels like one πŸ™‚

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  5. What a beautiful picture of the sun shining. Yeah…weather does affect one’s mood. I get utterly moody if the sun’sets too hot and over here, my threshold is at 38 degree Celsius. When it comes to weather, the Dutch does the complaining quite well. :p


  6. Ahh. but we can control the weather (to an extent) but it’s illegal now. During “Operation Popeye” The military “seeded” rain clouds with silver and lead iodide during the Vietnam War This effectively extended the monsoon season an extra month and made it very difficult for enemy troop and vehicle movement. But you’re right, the weather can control our moods sometimes. Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by a lack of sunlight.

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    • I don’t even want to think about this… shocking… I wonder to what extend we are actually able to control it… Imagine… (conspiracy theory…) Keeping places down with droughts and flooding others to make sure other areas can make more money… controlling world population with droughts and floods… and so on… I think I have to start thinking about it…

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  7. I love the balance. Rain and snow. Sunshine and clouds. It all works for me. I am an avid walker, and I love winter walks the best. Something about the shock of the crisp, cold air is invigorating and makes me walk faster. The absence of daylight does get to me a bit this time of year…but it doesn’t last long. ☺☺

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  8. Great post! When we get too many days in a row without the sun shining, it can be a downer. I think it’s not only the lack of sun but that it also affects us physically too. You’re right though that no matter what the weather is, someone will be complaining about it.

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  9. Thanks for this timely and thoughtful post. It’s a time of year when many friends near and far are speaking about the weather.
    It seems to me both funny and sad to complain about conditions over which we have little or no control. And yet, many spend a lot of energy feeling like victims. You are setting a shining example by showing how to choose to respond to conditions: keep the sun alive within.

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