Let’s Do It!

Silver Threading and I have a thing going at the moment. Yes, we do. But it’s not what you might think right now. It’s not about sweet temptation and giving in to them. At least I believe we can stay strong.

I decided to join forces with her and accompany her on her journey to a better and healthier self. Just under a year ago I made that decision already. I wanted to be healthier again, change my eating habits to a healthier approach and stick to my workout routine. I was on track until I got sick mid year.

It threw me off. Totally. Not only was I unable to do any workout besides going on long walks with the dogs, but I also gave in in regards to eating. I started eating too much carbs again, which always is a downfall for me. I also started drinking that glass of wine (or two) every night of the week instead of only having some on the weekend. Way too often did I allow myself that little bit of cake and chocolate and whatever sugary stuff was around.

And suddenly it showed. All that I had worked off in the first couple of months was suddenly back. When before I was able to kind of even the bad eating out with more exercise I did not have that chance for over 3 months because my body was just not well enough to do more than walking. It was something I was not used to.

My workout routine is back to it’s best. I’m back to the point where I can handle two HIIT workouts a day again. I’m back at the point where the push ups are doable and the burpees almost fun again.

But I still need to work on my eating habits. I’m happy how the last week went in regards to working out and I’m also happy on how it went re making a step forward towards healthier eating again. I need to do more though. I did lose weight but not much. It doesn’t bother me to be honest.

I need to work on my mindset first and this was my aim for last week and this week. I know that it will be pretty easy the moment I have my focus right.

Here is to another mindful week. Maybe you like to join in as well? Tomorrow I will sweat with Zuzka again. I really love her workouts and they are so easy to do at home. Here’s the workout I have scheduled for tomorrow. Feel free to do it too, but don’t forget to warm up and stretch afterwards. Make sure you keep the proper form and have fun πŸ˜‰

31 thoughts on “Let’s Do It!

  1. All the best… I recollect you had written something on this sometime back and I am glad you are determined to follow this. It is never temporary but a lifestyle change. It has been two years since I also started investing in myself and ensure I am eating healthy and exercising.
    Something I had written, few tips picked up from my go-to fitness consultant; what I like about her is that she celebrates food and never puts restrictions; just moderation and a good balance. Her name is Rujuta Divekar – maybe you can check our her books.

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