I’ve seen quite a bit of this world so far. I was lucky enough to travel to some pretty great places. But there are still so many I’d like to visit. I once tried to create a little list of places I’ve visited. And while I was on it I was constantly humming the following song:

Why? Oh, don’t ask me. Maybe because of the thought that if you travel from New York to Rio and then to Tokyo you traveled around this globe. I’ve done that in a way.

I covered Switzerland (how hard is that…hehehe… Liechtenstein too, but not sure if that really counts, Erika?). I’ve been to Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and the UK. I’ve been to the USA (New York, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, California and Hawaii), to the Caribbean, to Brazil, to Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong), to New Zealand and covered a lot of Australia.

As I said, that covers the world with a net in a way. And still there are places missing I really would love to see.

  • Canada: Oh I would so love to head to Canada. Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver but also Newfoundland.
  • I’d love to go to Montana… and heading to Alaska would be pretty awesome too.
  • I’d love to go back to South America and head to Argentina, especially Patagonia. But I’d also like to go back to Brazil, head to the Pantanal again and also go and see the Foz do IguaΓ§u.

  • I’d love to go to Scandinavia. Go check out Sweden, Finland and Norway.
  • I’d also love to go to Croatia.
  • And Africa…

There are so many places in this world I’d like to see. So many beautiful places to discover and places I’ve seen to re-discover with the family. Up there is only a small list of places I’d like to go. A list that I want to tick off one by one.

Until then, I appreciate what I’ve already seen, the memories I have and the stories I can tell.

Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – The Wanderer


19 thoughts on “Wanderer

  1. Haha!!! I would say from the today’s view mentioning Switzerland is very appropriate. From my view… I missed Australia…lol
    You have seen quite a bit, Sandra! That is awesome! You have traveled the world!

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    • It apparently is pretty awesome. Lots of history, beautiful landscape and great people. And food… When I was still in Europe it first was not a good place to go, then just before we moved it started to turn into a secret gem and people started talking about it. For us there was not enough time to go, but one day I’d like to.

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  2. Great list of places to visit. My list of places includes:


    Mainly because my undergraduate degree is in history, so I want to see places like the Forbidden City, The Parthenon and The Coliseum. So much history, so little time…

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  3. Agree with you. Visiting places for the first time is one thing, and going back and exploring is another altogether. Both are always equally stimulating and exciting. Good luck on future travels πŸ™‚

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