Beauty Of Nature

I’m amazed. Amazed about the beauty of nature. You head out for a walk you can’t stop being in awe about what’s out there, what surrounds you. I mean: Just look around! The clear blue sky. The color of it. The shades of the clouds, the form of them.

It really doesn’t matter where you are and what you look at. Everything is just amazing. The structure of sand, that varies from beach to beach, the shells that get washed up on the shore. The water itself. Or the different colors of the flowers and the grass around. The different shades of all different greens in a forest. The bark of a tree, it’s shape, it’s color.

There truly is so much to see. Just look up.


I chose this picture for Silvain Laundry’s Photo Challenge SL-Week 23: Narrow because of the narrow lines on this beautiful tree…

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