Pour Some Sugar On Me

Let’s talk sweet. Sweet stuff. How about desserts. Or any other sweet treats? No? Oh, come on! We can’t just only talk about being good and healthy. We all know that all of us have our little cravings, right? I do understand that some of you probably rather go down the savory track. Not me!

I love food, savory of course as well, and unfortunately I do have a sweet tooth. It’s chocolate that gets me. Every time. Always. The most difficult to refuse are the cheesecakes my husband makes, one in particular: His Toblerone Cheesecake

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it as it disappears so fast (I’m not the only one who loves it…). Have you every had Toblerone chocolate? That in itself is worth the pounds you might gain… but turned into a cheesecake… oh boy! Seriously, Colleen, it would be torture to only take 3 bites of it… I’m glad he is not constantly making it, otherwise you could probably roll me around…

So that’s definitely on top of the list of sweet things I like to eat.

Then there’s Ferrero Rocher!

Oh, heaven help me! Those are mean! You just can’t stop eating only one. Actually, when we have some in the house (which is probably better if not) some kind of ghost makes sure they are suddenly gone… I suspect my son… or me… probably both… I know they are made to make women happy…

Or then Ragusa…

Another one of those crazy good chocolate temptations… Thankfully I found some here in Australia otherwise I would have to get my friends to send some over.

What I do miss though (although you can get them at certain places here but you need to go find them) are Schoggistengeli (you would probably translate that into chocolate sticks…). It was the ultimate treat as a child. And still is…

I think I need to stop… I actually don’t remember what I wanted to write about… Anyway… Ah, I remember: Those treats and what they do to you.

Now let’s not talk about the pounds you might gain by eating them constantly. Let’s talk about why we all enjoy eating them. It does make you feel better in a way, doesn’t it?

You know when you get frustrated and you allow yourself a treat like this? It makes you feel better. It’s when you try to get your house clean and the moment you think you’re done and you turn around it looks worse than before you cleaned.

It’s when you are sad and you allow yourself one of those treats and it makes you feel better! Why? Because it triggers the release of endorphins, or better the phenethylamine that chocolate contains, triggers it. It’s actually similar to the feeling you get when you fall in love! And not just that! It actually also contains anandamide that activates the same brain receptors as marijuana does. So it relaxes you! Not enough? Well, it also contains antioxidants.

If this is not a good enough reason to give into a little chocolate treat every now and then… 😉

Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Pour Some Sugar On Me



39 thoughts on “Pour Some Sugar On Me

  1. For me it is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. My husband got me hooked. Now they have Christmas trees that people are complaining that they don’t look like trees, but who cares! They have thinner chocolate shells and much more peanut butter stuff, Yum!

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  2. Those chocolate sticks look delish…and dangerous! Could use a few of those about now…Would your husband share his Toblerone cheesecake recipe? My son is our cheesecake master in our household and will soon be home for the holidays. Would love to give him this ‘project’ to work on while here!!! Could hubby be bribed?

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    • I think I might be able to get it from him…
      1 cup crushed chocolate cookies
      1/4 cup almond meal
      just under 3 oz melted butter (3/4 of a butter stick)
      mix it and put in a 8 inch cake pan

      2 blocks of Philadelphia (should be about 8 or 9 oz each, not sure, it’s 250gramms each in Australia) at room temperature
      mix with
      1/2 cup granulated sugar
      1/2 of heavy cream
      7 oz melted Toblerone

      pour the blend on top of the cookie crust and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

      shave Toblerone on top as decoration

      And now you I really hope you will like it too 😉


      • Thanks so very much for this early Christmas present!!!! Will let you know if my son takes the bait and bakes this magical treat while home. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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  3. Those sticks ❤ ❤ Ah! Must find them fast. Otherwise my personal fave is the Lindt Thins… Oh my! Followed by Lindt Truffles – the dark ones. I used to dislike Reese peanut butter cups but since last week I am a fan. Need to stock up. Oh! And tiramisu. I can go on….

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  4. Lindt truffles. I am partial to dark chocolate, even before it was declared “healthy”. I used to sneak my mother’s toll house morsels for a fix. I still have them stored in my pantry today !! ☺

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  5. Our whole family has a serious sweet teeth. I asked the dentist to remove them but I guess the roots are too strong. We love chocolate, but we try (sometimes not as hard as others) not to each too much. But if there’s no chocolate in the house when some one gets that craving, look out!

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  6. This was a fun read. The only way I can avoid all the chocolate, is to avoid the freezer aisle that contains ice cream, and the aisle that contains cookies. And if I do happen to give in and buy something, I buy a lot of things! Then everything is gone in less than a week, and my weight goes up again (I am NOT overweight). I stay off it and the weight goes back down again.

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    • The temptation… I know. Sometimes we are strong and don’t buy. And you know what happens then? Friends come over and bring some chocolate! Yep. So I believe that we are meant to have chocolate in the house… 😉

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  7. I love Toblerone! On my recent trip to Omaha, Nebraska, we found a cheesecake so good that we had to go back for dinner and cheesecake at the same place a second night. It was a very creamy eggnog cheesecake garnished with a thin wedge of delicious dark chocolate! I wish I could find something as delicious near me!

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  8. I have to say chocolate is always a go to and Toblerone is very good so a cheesecake, oh my! Another treat is a Cherry Pop Tart toasted and buttered with a nice hot cup of coffee. Toblerone cheesecake, oh my!

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  9. After reading this, I just went out and bought a truckload of chocolate… lots of Lindt and Ferrero Rocher… Couldn’t find Toblerone so the cheesecake will have to wait for now. All this chocolate is good for me, right?

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