Life Line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

What an interesting question.

I have to admit that I started wondering if I would do it at all. Would the palm reader really get me to give in and let her read my palm?

I used to have a pretty strong opinion when it comes to things like this. Reading palms and also in regards to tarot cards. I do find though, that my opinion starts to shift. I find myself more open to those things now. Especially the cards. I realize that my interest in it slowly increases (mostly thanks to you, Element). And yet, I still stay away from the palm reading. It just seems weird to me. I guess my hesitation comes from knowing that there are many people out there who misuse it. And I don’t want someone like this messing with my head.

So here’s my dilemma: Although I am extremely curious to hear what a palm reader would have to say, I kind of don’t want to know. And still I do. Doesn’t make sense, I know. I would love to hear what she would tell me about me. Not about my future. I would be curious to hear if she gets it right, trying of course to not reveal anything about me.

I remember years ago, when I came across a woman who was doing astrological analyses of partnerships between horses and their riders. I was writing an article about her and was interviewing her. I thought it was all a bit nonsense. The more I listened to what it was really all about the more I got interested. You should know that she did not know me at all. I also didn’t give her any hints about my struggles or my horses behavior “issues”. When I was done with the interview, I asked her if she could analyze me and my horse. All I had to do was giving her birthday, birth time and place of both of us.


When I got the file I was stunned. Not only did she get the relationship between us totally right, she also described my horse to the dot. What blew my mind though was what she wrote about me. I felt like she went through all my different life stages with me, in my head, in my heart.

That moment made me so much more open to accepting that some kind of reading can be done. And yet, the palm and card reading still seemed suspicious to me. After all, what she did was nothing entirely new. You always read horoscopes, the alignment of the starts influences this planet and they influence us. I could grasp it more easily.

I started to look a little further into it and what I found was really interesting. I wondered how it could be that there were so many people on this planet born on the same day at the same time but in different places and they would end up being different. What other influences were there?

What she taught me about astrology blew my mind. There were so many interesting bits and pieces. It would go to far to list all of them and frankly, I wouldn’t be able to properly explain it all. But this day, this article, this interview opened a door for me.

There’s the other side, that still remains. I know how much creativity can go into the horoscopes you read everywhere. I used to be the assistant of the  editor in chief for a new magazine years ago. It was all sports related. We had an intern and didn’t really know what to do with her. So someone decided that she could write horoscopes (sports related) for the magazine. You know, the weekly ones.

I remember how the intern and I looked at the editor in chief who thought it would be a great idea. Our intern mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to write a horoscope as she would lack knowledge. You probably guess the answer: She was told to simply come up with something. Keep it positive to not freak out anyone and just write something. Done… So ever since then I look at those horoscopes in a entirely different angle.

So there I was and still am, knowing how much of those horoscopes are simply made up nonsense that apply to everyone, everywhere. On the other side with this knowledge that there is actually something to properly done astrology.

Now what to make of it? I guess in the end it comes down to the fact that I’m worried about being told something really negative.

Would I want someone to read my palm? I think I’m not there just yet. Would I want someone to read cards for me? Maybe…

But to get back to the initial question: What would the palm reader tell me?

I tell you what: If I’d know what she would tell me I’d probably most definitely would not need her to read my palm as I would already know what she would tell me.


Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Life Line

29 thoughts on “Life Line

  1. Interesting. We are all so different. Yes, I would be most curious because I have great expectations for my future. I’ve done readings for people and have been interested in and have explored this subject since I was quite young, particularly Astrology and Tarot. I would check the person’s energy first. Do they seem authentic and kind? I would always try to inspire and motivate the person having the reading.

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  2. As much as I long for a crystal ball, we assume it’s going to tell us good things, even though we know it might not. I would also be concerned that a reading could influence my subsequent decision-making. I think it goes back to that quote: “Be careful what you wish for!” It seems like playing with fire to me. xx Rowena

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  3. I come from a long line of people who were fascinated with all of this stuff. So, I was always open to the exploration. The horoscope stuff in the news media is just bogus. But the reading of astrological charts, birth date and time analysis, star alignment, personality traits, etc. seem to hold some truths in my life. ❤️

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  4. What are we mostly most afraid of when we get the cards or our palms read? That they confirm what we basically know ourselves deep down or that they say something that goes completley contrary to what we believe about our lives or decisions. In the first case…. so what? We already knew it anyway. In the second case… nothing is encraved in stone.
    I believe that there are happenings or things in our lives which are meant to be and which will happen! But much much more this only show directions and possible outcomes. The tarot cards for example tell what is now and how it could turn out. What the cards say today is only the direction if we keep up the path we are on right now. If we change something we get a different reading. Even the same cards for different persons carry different messages. In the end the cards as the palms are only entries and tools for mediums to open up the channel.
    I am not afraid of getting my palms read or the cards (learned that myself) because I know that it doesn’t define my path. It only confirms either what I already know or helps me making a decision. But it wonl’t tell me “what has to be done”.
    Btw. a serious reader will never talk about death unless you ask deliberately.

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    • Honestly: I think the only thing I’m worried about is to end up with a bad reader. But then… I doubt I would. I get more and more curious about the cards and the palm reading. Both of them might as well give you the little push you need…

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      • That is acually the use of it! To give you that last push to get in motion. I am sure there won’t be a surprising negative message. As I said. Basically you know it all. It is more about the confirmaition 😉

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  5. I’ve always been interested in such things – but I also think they tell you what you want to hear mostly. It’s always interesting if you keep an open mind I guess and take it with a handful of salt. I even tried learning palm reading but didn’t hv the aptitude for it. So I’ll gladly let them take my hand and get them to scare the crap out of me of all the things that didn’t go right! 😅

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  6. The only thing a good palm reading can tell you is what your basic personality is and what your basic past has been, and a good palm reader might extrapolate some future predictions based on those. “It appears by the breaks in your heart line that you’ve suffered in love in the past. But your heart line is strong and deep now. Don’t be afraid to love in the future.” Stuff like that. What a good palm reading cannot do is tell you that you’ll meet the love of your life and live happily ever after. Anyone who tells you then can “see” your future by what’s written on your palm is scamming you.

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  7. I agree with Erika Kind. Palm and tarot card readers are simply telling you stuff you already know. In essence, they are reading your subconscious mind. Even if they do tell you something negative, that too is in your subconscious mind. Our inner voice always tries to guide us away from things that could harm us in the long run. So, if a reader says, for instance, I see illness in your future, maybe diabetes. Then, that would trigger all the times you heard your inner voice telling you to cut down on your sugar intake. It’s like Erika said, nothing is written in stone. If you took that negative information, applied it appropriately, your future would change. The problem is, most people resist negative information. They get angry and disregard the prompts of their spiritual guides (inner voice). In my opinion, there is no negative or positive. Everything is used for our highest good. It is our perspective that gives it a meaning.

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  8. I have had my palm read twice in my life. Both times by the daughter of a reader I know. The second time was just for laughs so see what load of nonsence she was going to tell me. The daughter does have a genuine gift, as the Mother does, but both of these women use their gift for the sole purpuse of taking advantage of people. I think it is horrible that people do this. Both times the daughter told me what she thought I wanted to hear and the second time she said I had a curse on me and she would be more than happy to remove it for and extra $300! To use people like that is low! I told her that I am more than qualified to remove a non-existant cure on my own, then proceded to tell her my family history. It shut her up!
    I had a client in yesterday that I have been working with for a while to help her understand her gifts. Being that it was the New Moon and the perfect tme for Divination I wanted to do a Tarot reading for her. She had never had one before and was a little hesitant of what it might reveal. I told her that divination is simply looking through a window to a possible outcome. There are no Bad cards because the reading is showing you a possible future. A future that can be changed based on the subjects actions. If a reading is suggesting a possible bad outcome then the subject has the opportunity to make necessary changes. This made her feel better and she agreed, (because it was not a service she requested I did not charge her) The reading was amazing, she has some work to do but she is deffinately on the right track.
    I think the bottom line is you might not know the skill if any of the person doing a reading but your intuition should tell you if they can be trusted.

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  9. Interesting post and comments here. Paying for any of these “services” is probably not something I would do since I’m just too cheap!💸 I do sometimes indulge in something similar online, usually through my facebook friends who have taken “personality tests” that may or may not truthfully reveal something about one’s character, or what your name or your favorite number or color or season reveals about you, or what character you were in a past life or a fairy tale. I just took one that surprisingly told me my strongest trait was kindness, with which even my sister and I did not agree!🌱 You may feel the same after I offer a small criticism of this post, which actually sparked some concern on my part about your current health and well being. I know that English is not your first language so I always breezily overlook any usage errors when I read your posts but this one had so many that it was more difficult than usual for me to read through it. I know there is a bit of turmoil in your life right now, with a pending move which probably has your otherwise more ordered mind in turmoil as well. OK?

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