When Everything Falls Apart

I read something the other day. It said that you shouldn’t worry when you watch everything fall apart. It said things would not fall apart but rather re-arrange themselves into something new. Like puzzle pieces that need to fall into place.

It was one of those moments that made me think how easy it is to say. How hard it would be to see it that way if you are in the position where you think everything is falling to pieces.

Then I started thinking about it for a little longer and realized what a great way of thinking it actually is. The picture that came in my mind that very moment was a volcano blowing up, shredding everything in pieces, destroying so much in the first moment. But then over the time you see what this eruption actually created. What wonderful new things grew out of it, the new shape the landscape got formed into.

The best example is nature in itself. Just think about it. The eruption of a volcano is one thing. Bushfires, floods, avalanches, mudslides and so on. They are all very destructive. And yet they all leave one thing behind: New growth. How much do we initially take as destruction? The first thing we see is usually everything that got broken. But then after months, sometimes even only weeks things start to grow again, it’s suddenly fresh and green and wonderful new.

Maybe in moments, where we think everything is falling to pieces we should consider what it might mean really. It’s more like a new organization, giving our lives a new structure, maybe even a new meaning. Pushing us to reconsider things and to make the changes we might have considered making for a while already but never came to.

I know how it feels when you think everything is falling apart. The numbness you feel inside of yourself. This quote I read did something truly amazing to me. I felt an abundance of energy after reading it. A motivation of looking at things in a completely different perspective and instead of letting the negative thoughts tear me down feed from it and gain motivation from what was thrown at me.

The trick is to turn yourself into this resistant, strong sprout, that no matter what faces the challenge and grows out of nothing.


29 thoughts on “When Everything Falls Apart

  1. A great way to overcome obstacles with that way of thinking and harder is to apply it but if you keep calm, have a level headed when things do fall apart then is easier to rearrange those things in life. May take a while, but with persistence you can create a new puzzle.

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  2. You have no idea how your post speaks to me right today. There is a lot falling apart in my life in order to fall into place. Although it feels overwhelming at times the view on seeing it that way makes the ride easier and gives the necessary power that the pieces fall in the best possible position. Although as you say it is easy to say when not in that situation, but although being it I refuse to see it any different. The pieces don’t disappear. Nothing really disappears, they only reorder! I love your post and I thank you!

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  3. Very cool. It is a perspective that is hopeful and sees the good. I think we all need that kind of thinking instead of the kind that worries, fears, and complains. Thank you for sharing this with us. 🙂

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  4. Great post! I’ve always tried to see problems not as problems but as challenges. Like one a brain teaser. Sometimes we just need to change our perspective and everything will fit together. And like Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matter, it’s what you see.”

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  5. I kind of view all this as being similar to evolution and natural selection, except that in our own lives we can select the pieces we want to pickup and rearrange to suit ourselves. We can even leave some holes in our puzzle which also serve a purpose for us and that we can decide to fill or leave as is at some later time.

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