MCDC – Finally! Our Christmas Lights Within The Snow!

And here is the first entry for “Momma’s Christmas Decoration Challenge”(MCDC). Thanks a lot, Erika, for participating. Look at the beautiful decorations! I love it!

Share Your Light

I donโ€™t participate in Throwback Thursday. But it just made sense to me to share a post from last year. We still donโ€™t have any snow but I would love to share our Christmas lights with you. Last year we did not have snow until December 26th. But then it started snowing and did not stop for days. See here:

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8 thoughts on “MCDC – Finally! Our Christmas Lights Within The Snow!

  1. Another excuse (or 2 or 3) here.
    1. Weather is UNUSUALLY warm here for this time of year. Not that we would usually have snow yet, but our So Cal visitors are experiencing warmer temps than what they left behind and returned to!
    2. Since I knew my visitors enjoy seeing decorated houses, I pulled up a map from local online newsletter that showed locations. However, after returning from 4PM viewing of Star Wars which ended just after dark, I made a mental note that, in order to keep them safe, I would not subject them to any more of my nighttime driving than was absolutely necessary!
    3. I noted in the last week than one of the homes we pass going from the main road to our street has some beautifully light-wrapped trees – one red, one green and one white. When I asked Spouse if that was new this year, he told me they had done it last year. Since I’m sure they’ll do it again next year, I’ll try to remember to have a camera ready to post it then. I may have even learned to how to take and post a nighttime photo by then!


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