10 Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

By now you all probably know that I’m originally Swiss. I have mentioned before that I don’t miss Switzerland but I still think that it’s a pretty great country. I stumbled across a couple of really interesting facts about Switzerland and would like to share them with you:

I found those interesting facts on this site here. Check it out, there are more fascinating facts worth reading.

  1. Switzerland has ridiculously low carbon emission.
    Definitely something I’m kind of happy about. Apparently Switzerland is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. The CO2 emission is recorded between 4.6-6 metric tonnes (In comparison: USA’s 18-19 and Germany’s 9-10)
  2. The country is mostly powered by water. The country understands to use the natural resources. There are more than 1500 lakes in Switzerland. As of 2008 Switzerland has generated 56% from Hydroelectricity, only 5% of the energy is consumed in fossil fuels (In comparison: USA runs on 41% coal and 25% natural gas)
  3. High rate of recycling. I seriously don’t remember a time we have not recycled. In 2010 94% of it’s glass, 91% of its Aluminium, 85% of its paper and cardboard, 80% of its PET plastic and 69% of its batteries were recycled by the country. Some impressive numbers.
  4. There are hiking sign posts everywhere. Yep, there truly are. Switzerland has over 60’000km of signposted hiking trails and has laws in place to maintain the network of trails.
  5. Carbon-free rail network. See for me that’s interesting as trains for me were always the clean way to get from one place to another. Only much later did I find out that trains are not everywhere run by electricity. Switzerland has 5232km of rail transport network. For a small country like this, it’s a pretty good number. Over 99% of the tracks are electrified and 75% of the railway power grid is hydroelectric. That means that a huge chunk of it is carbon-free and there for almost non-polluting. Did you also know, that over 90% of the trains arrive with less than 3min delay?
  6. You’re actually not allowed to only have one guinea pig. Yep, it’s illegal. Because they are highly sociable. Swiss law demand that the fluffy creatures are kept in pairs. Apparently there’s even a “rent-a-guinea-pig” service in Zurich…
  7. Has the world’s longest tunnel, measuring 57km in length. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is supposed to open its tracks to the public in late 2016, reducing the trip from Zurich to Milan by train by one hour compared to the current rail network.
  8. The Swiss have the second highest life expectancy. Just behind Japan.
  9. We’re crazy for bunkers. Think of Swiss Cheese when thinking of our mountains. There’s an estimate of 20’000 bunkers dotted around Switzerland. If you want to know more about those secret vaults, head here.
  10. Its main export isn’t the cuckoo clock. It’s not chocolate and it’s not the Swiss Army Knife. Nope, it’s chemicals. 40.2% of Switzerland’s export is in chemicals. The second biggest export are indeed clocks, watches and jewelries.

I hope you learned something. I for sure did πŸ˜‰

48 thoughts on “10 Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

  1. First, why don’t you miss Switzerland ?
    I mean, to me, it seems a paradise- good weather, good food, eco-friendliness, animal friendliness, healthy environment, I mean, what else does a person want ?
    And next, I didn’t even know what bunkers were till I read your post- so thanks for this new knowledge.
    It was amazing to read so many new facts about Switzerland.

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    • Not to live. Well, I think you can never really say never. But it already felt crowded to me before we moved to Australia. So I can’t imagine to be comfortable again there. I’d like to go back and spend a longer period of time there (in Europe in general). Just to be able to show the kids what Switzerland is all about and the diversity of Europe.

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  2. I’ll pass on the guinea pigs and head straight for the chocolate. and one missed fact is the Swiss people are very friendly (at least in my experience they are) and they have the prettiest money in Europe.

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    • “The Swiss have the second highest life expectancy. Just behind Japan.”
      My longest term of employment was for a Japanese company and a big part of my job during the best part of that time was when I was managing one of my employer’s purchases from a Swiss company. I got to visit both of those countries and found many similarities. They are both small and mountainous, which I guess makes them both pretty crowded. Maybe that’s why the people in both are so friendly?!
      Both have good government systems in place for maintaining the health and happiness of citizens, at all ages and employment levels. They’re both also cold! Maybe these are reasons that they both have long life expectancies?!
      To this day, ten years later, I miss my Japanese coworkers at ShinMaywa and I can still hear Hans from Swiss Aircraft repeating “…and, and, and…”

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  3. I loved Switzerland and would live there if it weren’t so expensive. I’m half German, half American. I did not know any of those facts so thank you for enlightening me. Don’t think I’d ever have a Guinea pig any way but I think all animals are social and need to be in pairs. Wondered why you don’t miss it as well but then we all have our reasons for where we are.

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  4. Switzerland is one of my favorite places I’ve traveled. Fascinating trivia – – especially the part about the Guinea pigs. Interesting that a country that is so “eco” mainly exports chemicals.

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    • Hahahaha… well, I guess you could rent someone too… but you’re right… Hehehe… imagine there would be a law about not keeping someone alone… Just put two people who don’t know each other in a house. That would be interesting πŸ™‚

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    • Hehehe… ah that guinea pig fact seems to be the favorite of everyone πŸ™‚ Honestly, I still have to giggle when I think about the business idea of renting out guinea pigs… wonder if they really make money?


  5. Just reading through your comments and thought I would let you know that we in the UK still have the pound, I am fairly sure the Swedish still have theirs and I would of thought a lot of the Balkins would have their own currency, so places like Serbia. Oh and the Scottish still have their own notes as well.

    Otherwise I loved your list and learnt a lot

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