The Holiday Liebster Award

This year has started with a bang. In a way the last year has ended with a bang. On many levels… I took it a bit slower with posting here. Just needed some time to think and reflect. 2015 was a good year, although challenging at certain points. But who doesn’t like a bit of a challenge, right?

Rob’s nomination for the Holiday Liebster Award was just what I needed to get my thoughts back to blogging. Thank you so much for this pat on my shoulder, my friend.

The rules are simple:

  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 5 questions asked
  • Nominate 5 Bloggers
  • Ask five questions

Here are Rob’s questions:

  1. What was the most difficult moment of the past year? This is very personal and I will not go into details. Let’s just say that someone that is an important person in my life hurt me very much and I’m in the process of working out if I should let go for good or just let go of the pain that was caused. As it only happened right before the end of last year it’s still very fresh. The good thing is, that it proved to me once more what I have in my family.
  2. Re-blogging; how do you decide what to re-blog and when. I’m always a bit torn when it comes to reblogging as I like to highlight great posts in my picks of the week. If I feel like I can’t wait to share another post until the end of the week (which hopefully brings another boost to that post) I reblog it right away.
  3. How is adulthood different from what you imagined it as a child? I think that, as a child, you’re not aware of how much there is to be an adult. You only see the bright side. I think that you also don’t get how much you change. I imagined having all the fun I thought adults have. I thought it would give you freedom to do what you want to do. Today I know that it’s not the case. While your parents give you the boundaries you probably dislike while you’re a kid, there are other boundaries you face as an adult. A typical “the grass seems always greener on the other side” situation. Don’t you think so too?
  4. I saw this question asked on Facebook: Would you give up social networking to save a relationship? Yes.
  5. What is your greatest hope as we enter 2016? That my family will stay as fantastic as it is. That everyone will have heaps of happy moments and that we all stay healthy.

To my nominees:

Me-Who am I?

Lucile De Godoy


The Champa Tree


Here are my questions to you (inspired by Rob):

  1. What was the happiest moment for you in 2015?
  2. How are you planning on tackling 2016 to get what you dream of?
  3. What makes the biggest difference for you when you look at the world now, compared to how you saw it as a child?
  4. Tell me what comes to your mind if I say “backseat driver”?
  5. Do you read between the lines?

Feel free to also answer Rob’s questions. When I answer questions like these I always wonder what others would say, so go for it 😉

24 thoughts on “The Holiday Liebster Award

  1. Yaaaaaay…Happy new year to you.. Wishing you a happy 2016. Muuaaah. Question number 4…hmmm, it is relative really. Hehe. An absolute pleasure meeting you again and calling you my friend. Thank you. Cheerios.

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  2. Congratulations on the award and thank you for the nomination. You inspired me to put up a note on my blog that I don’t accept awards. I had to ask how to do it. I just don’t have the energy right now. Struggling to just get a post written. I could never figure out how to put the award on my blog so it just seemed easier to not accept them and not have to figure out all the other stuff. Brains got a short circuit right now. I’ll get caught up on my reading soon. I see I have several of your posts still waiting. I have to make the print real big first. Hope you had a great Christmas and a happy and bright new year.

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