Diaries And Privacy


Pretty much nails it. I often wonder why people would post certain things as they seem very private to me. 

But then it’s all about getting attention, isn’t it? No matter what you put out there, you’d like to get some feedback and if you don’t get any it makes you feel… well, let’s say not that special, as you maybe see how much feedback someone else gets. It’s a weird world, the cyberspace. And it’s very interesting how we deal with it. I wonder if there won’t be a day when people turn around and start living in the real world again…


36 thoughts on “Diaries And Privacy

  1. So very true Sandra. I never kept a diary as such, but one of my foster girls did, and I was furious when my partner of the time read it as I saw it as an invasion of her privacy. These days with so much being posted on social media, such thoughts seem to be a thing of the past!

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  2. So true. I kept a diary for years and was furious if people read it. Of course, I wrote a lot of personal stuff in it that I don’t share in my blog; I only share the fun and funny stories of my life, along with some reviews of books, and rants, and travelogues, and stuff. I wish I had more readers, mostly because it’s fun to watch my view count climb. Two years ago, I had a post that went viral for awhile, earning me almost 10,000 hits in February alone, which eventually tapered down to 800 to 2,000 a month. Plus, I love seeing where visitors come from, and even though I don’t plan on getting famous or anything off my blog, it’s nice to imagine people reading/acknowledging my thoughts on things since I do not have a lot of people in my life (not by choice). On that note, visit if you have a chance 🙂

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  3. I posed a similar question in a post yesterday, or the day before. I forget which. But I’ve wondered about those motivations that keep us doing this. Some on much larger scales than others. It’s an interesting topic.


  4. This kind of makes me think twice about blogging… Why do we have to put our lives out there for the world to see? If we want or need attention, wouldn’t it be better to get it from those around us? Then again, the reason I blog is to say the things I would rarely discuss with those around me. It’s funny how a person can live in a world surrounded by people, but still feel that in certain situations they have no one to talk to. I started my blog to find out more about myself and what I wanted in life – at a time when I was very lost in my circumstances. Over the three years that I’ve been here, I’ve discovered a lot and have gained a much greater appreciation for the life I have chosen. Sometimes we just need a place to write our thoughts and it can be very helpful to get input from others who can help us to see things from a different perspective. With all that said, I’ll admit that I do get a little disappointed if I post something important to me and get very little or no feedback, but it’s not a game changer. I still blog regardless.

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  5. Great thought. I used to keep a journal and DW did too. We have them saved on the bookshelf actually. We used to read each others when we were living apart. No one else has read them though. I think a lot of people are looking for the 15 minutes of fame. They want to go “viral”.


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  7. SO TRUE! Lady, I LOVE how you say it how it is on your blog! I’ve been feeling this for some time, yet I’m probably one of the biggest culprits! What a tangled web we weave. The second you get a taste for the attention, it’s like you’re hooked. I guess, if you’re discretionary about what you put out there, and the reasons behind your “overshare” are positive, then it’s not as bad. Ha! Such a tricky subject!


  8. You know I’m always amazed just how much people overshare on Facebook. I still like talking to people on the phone. If I want you to know my business, I’ll just tell you, not my 199 Facebook friends. I just so want to say “Who gives a flying fig”, but that would be mean. But I am quite sarcastic, so that would probably be fun. But then I’m guessing a lot of people would unfriend me. Oh boo hoo!


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  10. I don’t post personal stuff. No one here even knows my real name. I blog to share science stuff, and although science is very important to me, I don’t think that really counts. As a bit more private blogger than most, I have often wondered the same thing. I’ve seen so many blogs where people post about their mental disorders or their spiritual healing. Often, they explain that their goal is to help other people who are going through similar experiences. That makes sense to me. I still can’t imagine sticking my personal life on the Internet, though.

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  11. I see blogging as a platform to share thoughts, which can and should be spread out to others, rather than a replacement of a diary. It is interesting to know how like-minded and varied are thoughts of people around the globe..

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  12. I have understood from more than one person that they feel very depressed after spending time on FB. It makes them feel little, maybe even unloved or else egotistical. When we compare ourselves to each other, we are bound to come up short somewhere.

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