Blast From The Past – Hot Or Cold, It’s Never Right…

Tomorrow will be a hot day again over here and as the temperature is supposed to drop down quite a bit the day after tomorrow I thought about the extreme weather changes again. And how often people complain about the weather. So here’s a little blast from the past about the subject that often is used as a conversation starter 😉

I should be reading on my Novel right now, trying to find as many mistakes as possible and correct them, getting rid of repetitive stuff and so on, before handing it over for proper editing. But I can just not be bothered at the moment.

It is one of these stinky hot days today. We managed to get a play date in this morning at a park and although it was already hot, it still was fun. At least for us moms, sitting in the shade. The kids looked pretty hot after a little bit of running around with their friends…

While on our way home my son, who was desperately trying to find some music of his liking on the radio suddenly said to me: “Mom, I think people are weird. They kind of always complain. In winter they complain that it is too cold and say they wish it was summer and now they complain about the weather being to hot.”

He is so right.

I remember having this conversation just about a year ago with a friend of mine who was complaining about the amount of rain (or better the number of rainy days) we had around Christmas. I remember looking at her and smiling and telling her that most probably in a couple of weeks she would be standing there complaining about how dry and hot it is… and let me tell you something: She actually did.

While writing this, a thunderstorm is building up. Something we don’t get that often here. It is still really hot and I am pretty sure the temperature will not change today. Although we had planed to head to the beach a bit later today to catch up with friends and have a picnic dinner in the sand with our feet in the water, I am not fussed about the storm. We might not be able to go, if the weather does not change back and it would be a pity. But do I complain about it? Nope.

At this point there is two sides to the rest of the day. Each one with a good side and a bad side to it. If the weather stays nice, the storm does not develop, we will head to the beach and have fun there but we will have to water the plants when we get back. If the weather changes and it starts raining and won’t stop anymore, we will stay here and eat dinner. And on the upside we will not have to water the plants.

The weather is something we have no influence on (so far). And I like it that way. It is one of those things that you just have to accept and just go with it, trying to make the best of the situation.

It surprises me that people complain so often. Complain about things they can not change, complain about things that are really not a big deal, things like the weather. I wonder why it is that way. As there is nothing wrong in a little change in the weather…

And there is my first rumbling thunder… 🙂

24 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Hot Or Cold, It’s Never Right…

  1. Not me man, I love the Winter and you’ll never hear me complaining about how cold it is. I will complain about the Summer though and how hot it is. I can’t stand hot, sticky days and can’t wait for Fall to come. Summer is the only season you’ll hear me complaining though. ^_^ Get that sun behind some clouds!

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  2. Beautiful pics. I think some people obsess over discussing weather as a conversation habit. I know with weather change people with health conditions get knocked around with colds and flus… But you’re right… When it’s cold we want the hot and in the hot we want the cold.
    I have stopped talking about the weather and at the end of each day I look forward to what the sunset is going to look like.
    Hope you’re well. Your son is a smart boy x

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  3. I love it all. I love the cold in the winter and the hot in the summer. Though I think I prefer the cold. I can always get blankets and sweatshirts and hot chocolate to warm up. In the summer, I can only take off so much before I’m indecent. We’re getting 30 cm of snow tonight and tomorrow 🙂

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  4. Yes, humans are complainers. Animals, not so much. I love the cold and don’t mind the warm. Can’t do hot at all. Heat stroke fixed that. I don’t sweat anymore and just become quite ill if over heated. You can hang ice cycles in my house in winter. Love storms, just don’t want to be out in them. They are stunning though, aren’t they? It’s been a very warm winter here. I don’t want it to end. I know summer will be brutal this year again. Hard on the trees and the wildlife. Autumn and spring are everyone’s favorite. Moderation. 🙂

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