Bad Attitude Blogging

Couldn’t agree more with Jason, once more. The exchange is one of the most important things in blogging and that definitely is a two way thing. My numbers are down this month, but I know that it has one simple reason: I don’t interact as much with my followers as I’d like to because my life is just too busy at the moment.

Does it freak me out? No! First of all: Stats are nice but it’s not the world (unless you earn money with your blog, of course). And I also know that they will go up again when I find back to my normal blogging routine.

The example Jason mentioned is one I’ve already seen in my short time as a blogger as well and it always makes me shake my head. I agree, it’s a bad attitude. Unfortunately you get that in various areas of life.

Recently I wanted to grab a coffee on my way home but was treated as if I should be grateful to be served. Moments like this make me angry! If you have something to offer and if you want people to get your product then don’t make them feel like an annoyance. Make them feel good. Make them feel welcome. Put some extra effort in it. And people will return.

6 thoughts on “Bad Attitude Blogging

  1. On your stopping for coffee experience, I cringe when a clerk or other members of a service staff ask, “can I help you?” My first thought (unspoken) is, if you can’t help me why are you bloody well there?

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