#Girl Love Challenge

What an honor to have been nominated by Element and But I Smile Anyway... for the #Girl Love Challenge. A challenge that I happily accept. Thank you both so so much for this and you guys please head over to check out their blogs!

Now, let me see what this is all about…

The Girl Love Challenge was started by a young woman from Canada. Her name is Lilly Singh. There was a video on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Lilly saw all the ‘girl-on-girl hate’ in the schools, workplaces and social media, and decided to start reversing the trend by promoting #GirlLove across social media. In her video, young women speak out about their respect and gratitude for other women in their lives and in public life. Proceeds from video views will go to the Malala Fund to help educate girls around the world.

Transferring this into the blogging world is a little different from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so here is how #GirlLoveChallenge works.

Tell your followers about a famous woman you admire that may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis and why you admire her.

Difficult to choose as there are so many women who went through so much and surfaced stronger only to be an inspiration to all of us. I love that Element chose Tina Turner as she went through hell and back and look where she ended up! Then there’s JK Rowling who had her issues too but never gave up. I try to think of someone who stands out the way those two do. I know there are so many we know of. Women who suffered and then their life took a turn because they took charge of the steering wheel. But there are also women who are not famous. Women who put as much effort into cleaning up their lives as those women did. But they are not famous. I’d like to think of all of them and I hope you do too when you try to figure out whose name you would put here.

Tell your followers about a woman in your real life that inspires you and why.

Again tricky to choose. There are friends of mine who inspired me because of who they are and how they live their lives. There are family members that inspire me because of the way they are and then there are random women who inspire me because of how they react to certain things. I think as long as we keep our heart open we will find inspiration in everyone and everything we encounter, from a yoga teacher to the cashier to someone close.

Tag five women bloggers that you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them. Add the comment and a link to your post to their most recent post so they know they have been tagged #GirlLoveChallenge.

Two of the first bloggers I would have chosen here are actually the ones that nominated me. But I’m pretty sure I can come up with five more:




Erika Kind

Me – Who am I?


If you have been tagged and choose to participate please include the tag Girl Love to your post so we can all see them 🙂

20 thoughts on “#Girl Love Challenge

  1. Congrats to the nomination but also to this beautiful post, Sandra! Thank you so very much for nominating me. It means a lot to me to be nominatec by you since I appreciate you a lot! 💖

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