I seriously wonder what’s wrong with people. Why is it a problem to breastfeed in public? Why do people get offended by it? If you don’t want to see it then just don’t look! Turn your head and don’t look!

It’s the most natural thing in life. I don’t believe that mothers want to shock people, that they want to find a way to show their boobs. They just feed their babies. 

Why do you think people feel offended by public breastfeeding?

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  1. In movies and media you usually see a lot of boobs. It seems to be acceptable until you see a nipple. And oh my, you might see a nipple when she breastfeeds 😮 those horrible nipples…. :p

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  2. We’re offended (not personally, but as a society, I think) by breastfeeding because it reminds us that breasts exist for a function other than the sexual satisfaction of men.

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  3. Narrow-minded, ignorant, objectification, crass are all words as to why someone would be offended. I tried nursing my kids in the 90s. I was a young mom and made to feel it was wrong to do so in public. I have several nursing friends now and they get a lot of stares. One of my closer friends, was stared at while she nursed her young son, the entire time she ate lunch in a restaurant. I offered to go with her next time and stare at the woman who was staring at her. I even wagered I could make the ignorant woman more uncomfortable than she made my friend. Women are federally protected from discrimination while breastfeeding. If someone wants to be offended..TFB…get over it. Sadly, I find more women are offended by women nursing in public than by men. That being said, I have no trouble voicing the law over their perceived right to be offended.

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  4. I must share this awkward breastfeeding scene I stumbled upon. A few years back I was shopping in Ikea, enjoying the mindless ambling through the aisles looking for nothing in particular but certain I would leave with an unexpected treasure. Well, as I turn the corner and enter the bedroom furniture section of the store, sprawled upon one of the display beds is a mother craddling her rather large child who is laying across her lap and breastfeeding. Yes, I thought my eyes and brain were deceiving me and yes, I am certain this stranger read my surprise as I stumbled upon her. She remained in the staged bedroom for several minutes while shoppers walked around the uncomfortable bubble she did not mean to create but so definitely did. Still to this day I do not understand why this mother felt it appropriate to care for her child in this very public place in the beautiful display bed in Ikea. I think they have comfort rooms designed just for this, am I wrong?

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  5. Religion teaches that anything to do with the body and it’s natural functions are bad. Which makes absolutely no sense because the Godhead made the bodies our soul inhabits. So how can something the Godhead designed be bad? How can feeding a baby be bad? Whether it is done in public or not it is natural.

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  6. I think that there is something of an elitist attitude in play. That we, the exalted human, are somehow apart from and superior to the rest of nature and that the sight of a breastfeeding mom is a shot of reality.

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  7. When I was younger it was really common for mothers to breast feed their babies in public where I lived but now most people are mortified at the idea of doing such. My friends and family say they won’t breast feed because they don’t want men passing by to sexualise them by making rude comments or staring. If they knew men would leave them alone most women I know would have no problem breast feeding in public. I also think that a lot of women are more insecure about their bodies so it may be harder for them to feel comfortable breast feeding. I think it’s a shame that people aren’t comfortable with women breastfeeding in public because it shows great nurturing and love which is positive for everyone.

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  9. It puzzles me.

    My immediate thoughts strike me as trite.

    I want to say fear of women’s bodies (which is one reason they are still spoken of in terms of objects and pieces) and I want to say misogyny which still results in the weird homophobia that makes lesbian sex scenes standard fare while the sight of two males in an embrace is a shock and a disgrace.

    Lesbians are seen as taking power while gay men are seen as abdicating it.

    But really, none of this answers the question of why the sight of a woman acting as a source of love and nutrition is treated like a scandal.

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  10. Personally I think its because we have made breasts a sexual component and because of that, it makes “people” uncomfortable. While I fully support being able to breastfeed, you have certain people who take the mick, here in the UK we had a woman accuse a security guard of literally snatching the baby she was feeding off her breast and walking the crying child out of the store. It was proved that she made it all up, but stories like that do not help

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