Blast From The Past – Easy Fix

Oh those up and downs in life are just like waves on the ocean. They simply just appear and there is really nothing you can do. I’ve recently been through some of them again and so I thought I look up what I’ve written previously about it. I couldn’t agree more with this post form… hey, just a year ago!

My husband is my rock and I know I’m his. It’s a great feeling to know that you do have someone there for you. Always. It’s what love is all about as well, isn’t it? To know that you are there for each other.

What I like to add to this post though is, that sometimes you also need the right friends in your life. Sometimes, when you as a couple go through the ups and downs together you might end up in a down both of you and then it’s especially hard to motivate your partner. It’s those moments when friends can give you what your partner might not be able to. Not because he or she doesn’t want to or because you don’t want to approach your partner. Just because the energy of both of you might be low.

Your friends don’t necessarily need to know about your down. They might not even think that you are at a point like that. It can be their presence only that might make you feel better. And sometimes, if they really are the close friends you expected them to be, they will be able to feel it and lift you up in the way you need it. Then you will know, what you have in them.

I hope you enjoy this short blast from the blogging past…

Easy fix

Life is not always a smooth ride and those up and downs can be pretty exhausting. When you are down and things seem to be going wrong still you might find yourself wanting to get out but not knowing how to really. It’s those moments when you need someone special to go through them with you.

I am fortunate enough that I not only have great friends but most of all an amazing partner. My husband is my rock and if I get to a point where I just can’t see clear anymore, he is always there for me. You know I manage pretty well usually and it takes quite a lot until I reach the point where I feel like I am surrounded with thick fog and just can’t see the other side of the room anymore.

In moments like this it is him who starts talking to me and slowly but surely makes this fog disappear. My river of life might still be pretty wild in this very moment. Nothing really would change but my perception of it. By just having a chat with him, I calm down and look at the issue again in a different way. My world is still spinning but rather then spinning with it, I am kind of watching it from far and that is when I can start working on a solution. And by working on it, things get under control again and the world might just as well stop spinning. It only takes my husband and all is right in the world again.

In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Easy Fix.

12 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Easy Fix

  1. It is so true. I am glad I have some very close friends who understand me completely and stand behind me. Most of all when your partner is not able to share all of what you would love to share. And sometimes there are things you don’t even want to or can share with your partner. Friends are always important!

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    • You know, it’s funny, but over the years I have come to agree more and more with the idea that your spouse should be your best friend. My marriage didn’t start out that way but has evolved to reach that point.
      When I was single, and in fact for a good part of my marriage, I usually presented any problems or rants exclusively to my girlfriends. Unlike Sandra, I guess, I did not expect them to be f**king mindreaders, and I still don’t, especially since when I speak to them now it’s only over the phone or internet so they can’t read my face or my body language. I really never saw any need to hide anything, good or bad, from my true friends, though I have to say that for a long time I did feel that I needed to hide any negative feelings or thoughts from my spouse.
      I had my reasons for this, of course. Usually it was because I didn’t want him to know I had done something which he had warned me against doing, though sometimes, especially when I knew he was under a lot of job stress, I just didn’t want to add to his burden. Over time, though, and especially since the burdens we both carried have become increasingly lighter, Spouse and I have both become more comfortable with and easier at spilling our guts about any issues or problems, real or potential, personal or public, to each other. Occasionally I still have to pull that info out of him, though not as often as I used to.
      Perhaps this trust and comfort level is partially due to the fact that we pretty much only have each other now, due to relocation away from old friends and family. Mostly, though, I think this kind of interaction develops in any good relationship, and especially in a good marriage.

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      • I agree, I think it depends a lot on the relationship how much you share or what you share. The fewer people are around I guess the more you automatically share and also might grow a lot more together.
        I wanted my husband to be my best friend and I shared all and everything. But the longer the more I found out that he wasn’t interested in getting too much of my inner world… that was the beginning of a slow ending. Because over time I stopped sharing my feelings and thoughts, since they were not wanted. It was the opposite development as you experienced it fortunately.
        At that time, I did not even have friends to talk to around. Thank God this changed That is why friends are so very important to me.
        But yes, I still think that your partner should be your best friend and that person you can share everything unlimited. Because then there might barely occur situations in which you don’t want to share something. Thank you, that was very insightful and interesting to know about your experiences!

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  2. I understand some of this sentiment…have had those changes of mood quite a lot. You’re right, just the presence of friends can be very healing. And regarding the spousal communication…sometimes it is just hard for them to know what to say. As a wise relative once quoted…”They also serve who stand and wait.” A lot of truth in that, Sandra. Hope things pick up for you soon. 💕

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    • You are very right. It’s all good, thank you. I’m actually really well. Just dreading the end of my month working as I enjoy it so much. And the end is approaching fast. Oh well… I will be able to blog more again 😉


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