Polar Bears – Did You Know…

… That polar bears are all left-handed? And that the female polar bear would rather build the den in “old snow” from previous years than freshly fallen snow?

An adult polar bear can weigh between 227 -272 kilograms (500-600 pounds), but a polar bear baby only weighs about half a kilogram (about one pound) when born.

45 thoughts on “Polar Bears – Did You Know…

  1. I love polar bears. Would love to see them in their natural habitat. We do have some that came from Hudson Bay area very far north that were rescued after mom was killed and although I hate to see them caged I do get that they now have a chance to live. The Zoo has a huge, huge habitat for them and I do mean huge so at least that is nicer. I do have to admit I love to watch them it is magical swimming overhead.

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  2. I wasn’t sure the best method to send this to you but didn’t see a direct contact section. When I clicked on your article Yin And Yang – Did You Know… it took me to a page that say it was missing. Just thought you would want to know. 🙂

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