Your Stories – And Then She Met Her Michigander Prince… By Nikki

Thank you so much, Niki from A Texan’s View Of Upstate New York, for sharing your love story with me and my readers. I can’t get enough of stories like this! If you are like me, then you will enjoy reading this. And if you too have a beautiful story to share then please either email it to me or put your link in the comments so I can share it here in the future too.

This is the story of how I met my husband. I figured since a lot of my posts are about us, you should know some background information! If you don’t want to read anything mushy gushy, stop now! 😀


We grew up miles away. 1,260 to be exact. But something magical happened.

Me and my husband met in Louisiana in 2009. I was starting my junior year of college and he was starting his first year as a Master’s student at the same college. We were both in the orchestra, him playing trombone and myself playing bassoon.

One day I heard a commotion in the trombone section so I looked back. One of the other trombone players had dropped something I think. Well, when I looked back my husband was looking at me. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. I found him on Facebook and we started talking a lot on there, becoming friends.

He was still dating someone in Michigan, but he wanted that to end because every time they talked they would get in fights. I got to hear all about this relationship, all the while falling for him.

We hung out for the first time on September 25th for a School House Rock play given on campus. Yes, we both loved it because we’re that much of dorks. The very next day he asked me if I wanted to go with him to Shreveport to hear some Beethoven music, along with some other pieces. I said yes. The WHOLE ride back (an hour and 15 minutes) he talked. I got to know him pretty well. After that we hung out more, becoming better friends, and he knew he wasn’t cheating but he knew his girlfriend would be more upset if she knew he was hanging out with a girl, so every time we hung out he said he was hanging out with a guy named Matt.

They finally broke up in October. He called me the night they broke up and said he needed someone to talk to. We went to Chili’s and had some dessert. Then we walked downtown together for a while until I decided I needed to get home. I had a Music History test the next day.

Not long after that we started “officially” dating, November 1, 2009.

Pictures from 2009


What most of our dates consisted of: movies, dinner (both of those were both out or at his place), concerts, walks downtown, and just hanging out at his place watching TV. A couple of times we played duets together from a trombone duet book he had.

Pictures from 2010


He graduated in May of 2011 from there and was moving to Kansas to get his Doctorate in Trombone Performance. We had talked about getting married many times so him leaving didn’t scare me. It just made me sad, because I still had 2 years left.



We went to San Antonio, Texas for my birthday that summer (2011). We got there on July 14th.

We got our stuff in the room then went to the Alamo (right across the street from our hotel) and then we went down by the river to eat at an Italian restaurant. It was delicious.

We got back to the hotel that night and watched a little television and then went downstairs to wait on our horse-drawn carriage ride! We sat at a table that was outside the hotel, by the corner of the building. My husband (then boyfriend) kept standing up and walking around that corner. He said at the time that he just was checking to see if it was coming yet. After he asked me to marry him he said it was because the ring box was in his pocket and he thought I might see it. It finally got there and we got on.

It was darkish by this time. As we were driving over the river on the bridge, I looked over on my side to look down at the river. It was beautiful, and so many people enjoying their time there. When I turned back towards Eric he was facing me, and he had the ring in his hand. I looked in his eyes and he simply said, “Niki, will you marry me?” And of course I said YES!! To this day we don’t think the driver of the carriage had any idea any of this happened. I had butterflies and a smile the rest of the time we were on the ride.

The Engagement


When we got back to the hotel we texted friends and family, because it was late in Michigan. I got a couple of phone calls back. I then took a picture of the ring and sent it to them and then we posted on Facebook that we were engaged and I also posted the ring picture.

We headed back to my hometown on the 17th (the day before my actual birthday) and we had a little engagement dinner at a nice place there. My best friend and her boyfriend (now husband), my brother and his girlfriend, and my mom and step-dad.


We got engaged in July 2011. We got married in June 2013. The 2 years in between was a long distance relationship. He moved to Kansas for his doctoral degree while I was finishing up college in Louisiana.


He would come to Louisiana on his breaks, like fall break and spring break. We would both go to Texas for Thanksgiving, and we spent Christmas together, in both Texas and Michigan (where he is from.) He flew down to Louisiana for my graduation in May 2013, and then drove my car back, filled with a lot of my stuff. Those were the only times we saw each other in person until the beginning of June 2013.

We would video chat every night and talk on the phone sometimes. It would’ve been much harder if we weren’t able to do those things. I’m not saying it was easy, because it wasn’t. At all.

Pictures from 2013 before June


He got to Texas about a week before the wedding and helped with the last-minute stuff.


It was a beautiful Saturday morning, sunny, in the 80′s, and a little breeze. Perfect for a Texas wedding in the summer. It took a little longer to get ready than expected, but I was still calm. I knew that worrying about it would just make me not enjoy our special day.

We got there about 7, unloaded the stuff, and me and the bridesmaids started getting our hair and makeup done by my friend Kati. We brought orange juice and blueberry muffins for everyone to eat for breakfast, which probably helped a lot with me being nervous. I wasn’t really nervous at all. The closer it got to walking down the aisle I had butterflies, but they were good butterflies. We got some pictures of us getting our hair and makeup done. We got done later than expected, 10 minutes late so ceremony started 10 minutes late, but I wasn’t stressed. My motto for the day was “What happens happens.”

The reception area is where the doors opened up to outside to the ceremony. I had not been out of the dressing room all morning so I had not seen the finished product. We did most of the decorating the day before after the rehearsal, but everything couldn’t be put out, like the cake/cupcakes, and nothing outside could be put up the day before. When I walked into the reception room it made me happy and made me think that this day was going to be perfect. The man I was about to marry was standing outside the doors waiting for me to become his wife. I couldn’t wait to go out there. I get nervous when there’s a lot of people, especially if I’m the center of attention. That’s one good thing about having only 30 guests. As I walked down the aisle with my dad, I was looking at many things. First of all, Eric and how happy he looked. He had the sweetest smile on his face. He was also very handsome. Second of all, the guests. As I walked, I turned my head slowly back and forth from the 2 sides a couple of times to smile at them. And third of all, the decorations. Since I had not seen any decorations at all outside before, it was new to me. They were all I was expecting. 🙂 I thought I would be teary eyed as I walked down the aisle to Eric, but I wasn’t. I had a sincere smile on my face.


I finally got down to Eric. When my dad gave me away, Eric was supposed to lift my veil. He forgot. He didn’t lift it until we kissed. Silly boy. He was nervous. haha. During the whole ceremony we held hands. A few times my eyes got teary but I never did cry. The closest I came to crying that day was when I was hugging my best friend and telling her bye because I wouldn’t see her again until who knew when.

It was beautiful, everything went just as planned. I couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony. Then we took pictures right after, with everybody that was there (the whole 30 people) which was nice to be able to do that. Then everyone went inside and Eric and I took pictures just the 2 of us.

Then the 2 of us went into the reception and started the lunch! We were able to eat, mingle, all of things we had planned, and some more pictures of the two of us outside. We cut our cake and got to eat it too. We got everything done an hour early, but only because our coordinator kept pushing us to immediately do the next thing right after the last. We had a list of what time we wanted to do each thing but she didn’t want to stick to that.


During the reception the guests (Michiganders) started clinking their glasses. It’s a northern tradition to make the newlyweds kiss. After everyone found out that, everyone kept doing it, so there was lots of kissing from us. We visited at each table for a short time. We did the hokey pokey with the kids, had parent dances, and a shoe game. We had a jolly time.


When we made our grand exit, the guests lined the catwalk on both sides with the ribbon wands we made with our colors and a strip of lace. The groomsmen had pulled his car up to where we would be walking. One door was unlocked, so when Eric tried to open the door to help me in, he couldn’t open it. He had to walk to the other side of car. Also, they had turned the heater on full blast in June in Texas. Ahhhh. And lastly, they changed the radio station to Spanish music. When we got in the car the photographer got one last picture of us with our thumbs up, and then off we went!


It hadn’t really hit me yet that day that we were married. I didn’t feel any different until we were finally alone in the car. Eric stopped at a gas station/food joint to get a coke. I sat in the car and waited. We parked in front of a window where there were people at tables. I saw them talking to each other and one pointed out at me and smiled to the person they were talking to, because they saw that I was wearing a wedding dress.

We left and headed to the hotel for the night. Very nice room, hot tub in bathroom, rose petals on bed, chocolate covered strawberries. When we left the next day, it was pouring cats and dogs. We got to my parent’s house then opened all the cards and 2 gifts. We left for Kansas the next morning.


If you want to read more about the wedding and wedding planning, check out these posts!

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