Your Stories – A Keeper! By Rob Goldstein

The love stories to relationships are as different as the relationships in itself. There is not one story that developed the same way. Every relationship started with something very special. That one thing that lit the flame of love. Thank you so much, Rob, for sharing your very special love story with us here. What a story! Again: What is meant to be is meant to be…

I am a Bruce Lee fan.

If there are degrees of greatness martial arts Bruce Lee is the greatest.

I was engaged to be married and living with my Fiancé.

She had gone to the East Coast for a week so I decided to have a Bruce Lee marathon.

Those were the days of the neighborhood video store.

I popped into one and perused the martial arts section when I noticed a 
young man looking at me and blushing when he saw that I noticed.

At first I was confused but then I understood that he was cruising me.

My Fiancé was bi-sexual as am I and ours was a semi-open relationship.

I asked him if he was a martial arts fan and he said yes. 

I asked him if he would like to watch a Bruce Lee flick with me and he said yes.

I rented Return of the Dragon and the Chinese Connection and we walked to my apartment. 

On the way we chatted. 

He told me his name; that he wanted to be a journalist, that he was Nicaraguan and
studying to a citizen of the United States.

We arrived at my place and I listened closely as he described his people, his nieces whom he adored, his struggle learn English and the longer we spoke the more beautiful he looked as his spirit came to life. 

I listened until dawn and we said goodbye.

I did not invite him to return. 

I watched him leave and as I closed the door I had a sense of longing.

I told myself that I was not in love—that I could not be in love.

I thought about him for the rest of the week and I decided that whatever I thought I felt 
the moment had passed.

My Fiancé returned and we argued. 

She said that I had changed. I didn’t know what she meant.

I told her that I had met someone but that I had only seen him once and that I had not invited him back.

That was our agreement; but she was not upset about having a guy over.

She said, “Something is different.”

And the doorbell rang.

It was him.

She invited him in and said to me: “This one is a keeper.”

And he was.

That night we told each other that we loved each other.

We moved in together in February of 1993.

It was a painful time and I felt like a jerk but I also felt that it was right.

I loved my Fiancé but there was no passion in our relationship.

With him I felt passion.

And 23 years later our eyes still light up with love when we look at each other.

Rob Goldstein 2016

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