Children Are Not Like Cookies

Every child is special. All of them are different, even the ones related to each other. Observing them is always something that makes me think and wonder and appreciate the magic of life…

A Momma's View

While I am sitting here and working on my blog I watch my son doing school and being so focused on what he is just working on. Due to the fact that we home-school I get to watch them a lot and experience how they learn and how they deal with what they have to do. And it amazes me each and every time how different our kids deal with the same tasks.

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6 thoughts on “Children Are Not Like Cookies

  1. This is so true. Even our twins, who are identical, are very different in their personalities, how they manage difficulties, how competitive they are. There’s numerous similarities, in them and their older brother. But they’re all 3 unique individuals.

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