Text Instead Of Talk?

Have you ever thought about what happened to a proper mobile phone conversation (yes, let’s only talk about a mobile phone conversation…)? You know the one when people actually pick up a phone and talk?
Have you noticed too? People don’t use their smart phones any longer to make phone calls. Talking on phones is actually a thing of the past.   

It’s not happening that often anymore. 

I have to admit: I used to be a “listener”. Of course only to conversations that made sense. The deeper ones. Not the ones about what to buy for dinner and so on. 

I used to listen to people waiting for buses, trams and trains. I used to listen to people talking on trains. I used to listen to people on the phone everywhere. 

I did not mean to do it. It just happened. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Sometimes you just can’t help…

I used to listen to deep conversations about love, heartache, relationship and so on. At least listen to one side. And I used to feel for that person. Sometimes I even wanted to get up, walk over and hug that person, telling him or her that everything would be fine. 

It’s all gone.

People don’t talk anymore.

They text.

It’s silent.

And sometimes I wonder if they still tell the story. The story of love, heartache, relationship and so on. Do they still go into details? Do they still feel the love and support? Do people on the other side still feel like hugging and supporting them?

The way we communicate has changed. I wonder if the way we receive a message has changed too… 

39 thoughts on “Text Instead Of Talk?

  1. I have a friend like this…he’s alone over here in California, his life is over on the other side of the US, and he’s constantly texting on his phone because his world is virtual. So in order to get his attention, even when he’s standing *right next to me*, I have to pull out my phone and text him instead of talk to him. …What’s become of humanity?

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  2. I was happy that my kids text rather than talk -as I worry about cancer. Now, after reading this -I wonder if it is all going to far.

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  3. So true. My girls used to call now they text a couple times a day. Except when it is important or they miss my voice then the calls come. I have told my one sister not to call me because everytime she does it has been bad news but I love to visit in person.
    Then texting can sometimes cause misunderstandings that have to be cleared up in a phone call. I do love fb messenger to see my grandchildren when we chat. They are still to young to text me.
    Then there are the times when my sisters and I are texting back and forth and we both at the same time go ……Too much to text time to call.
    I do still have a landline and the only one in my family that does.

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  4. It’s like writing. So many of us spend our lives typing or tapping the keyboard on tablets and phones that a lot of us have forgotten how to write…how to physically write…and what/how to say what we want to say. How quickly we forget. Lost arts. We should try to revive them, if only in our own little circles.

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  5. While you can convey a message via text, text carries very little emotion with it. No matter how many emoticons you put in there. The voice carries the emotion texting lacks. There’s a guy who was making YouTube videos of himself talking on his cell phone while sitting next to someone who was talking on their cell phone. The funny part was that he would be talking to the person he was sitting next to – answering their questions – but pretending he was on the phone with someone else. It was pretty comical. Just proves that talking is less private.


  6. While I enjoy face-to-face conversations, I absolutely despise talking on the phone. I like to text because it forces me to organize my thoughts and be succinct.

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  7. People used to complain all the time about how rude it was for everyone to talk on their phone in public. They would go into wild rants about how angry they were with this rudeness all over the place… People talking. On the phone! In public! What the hell??? It’s all I heard for ages whenever cell phones first became popular.

    Psychologists even did all kinds of studies about why it made people so angry when having someone talking on the phone next to you isn’t any different than them carrying on a conversation with a present person… but people still got so very angry about cell phones.

    Now we lament that no one talks on their cell phones anymore. They text. How sad. Honestly, It just makes me wonder what we’ll complain about next.

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  8. Two people are having lunch. What does it say about a person who would rather respond to a text (because the phone is practically vibrating off the table) than to converse with the very person they invited to lunch?

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