(Not Really) My Picks Of The Week #9

I thought I would never do that. Thought I would never just “steal” a list of great posts for my Picks Of The Week crime someone else who took the time to hand pick them. But I do today. And not because my post is mentioned. I’m glad it is, don’t get me wrong. I’m glad it is part of this list of fantastic posts. So if you have not read those posts please do! Happy weekend you all 🙂

Three's a Herd

Well, the way my Monday went, I was sure this week was going to be a cluster of epic proportions, but it’s actually turned out to be a fairly decent week. I didn’t have any work events, which meant I had time to work and get normal-life stuff done too. #winning

I have been a little weepy though. Small things set me off, like the Princess asking me if I ever just need to go in my room and cry for fifteen minutes without really knowing why. Sigh. Can she just stop growing up already? Sometimes we have to be selfish and take time for ourselves, even if it’s just letting ourselves have that fifteen-minute, for-no-good-reason cry. Then there was the talk with Spouse about the mortality of our parents. Right?

My Friday Favorites for this week are as scattered as my own emotions have been.

  • We all go through…

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