A Spark


Sparks are fascinating, don’t you think? They are there in one moment and gone the other, just lighting up quickly, in a way leaving a little trace and for sure leaving some kind of impression in the person that witnesses it.

Now, I wonder, does it need a bunch of sparks to leave a mark or is one enough?

Think about it.

Would one spark make you go wow? Can one spark light a fire?

Maybe, right? If the conditions are right. But if you want to be sure, it needs that flow of sparks to light this fire. It needs more for us to truly realize what’s going on. It needs continuation.

I guess it’s the same in regards to the sparks inside of us. The ones that start the light, the ones that make us do something, the ones that touch people. The ones that start a “fire”.

I recently had the honor of talking about someone really special in front of a group of people. One of the things that I constantly had in mind was the spark this person carried inside of him. Always, for as long as I knew him, even to the very end. It was always there and it was contagious. It was not just a single spark, it was a continuous flow of sparks. He could really light a “fire”. He had it burning inside of him too.

While I was talking and especially afterwards I wondered if that spark was able to really spread. Can we truly pass it on? Are people capable to carry on someone else’s spark?

Although I would love the idea that we can kind of pass a spark on to someone else, just like in the picture above, I doubt it really happens. It’s not something you can grab. It’s not something you can simply keep. As I said before: A spark lights up but then it’s gone right away. It needs a continuous flow in order to keep it all up. So we either manage to spread the fire in a big way or we find a way to make that spark jump over and create a continuous flow of new little sparks.

And now I wonder if you can still follow my thoughts… Aaanyyyywayyyyyy….

I think, what we can do is simply lighting a new one. Getting a person excited about something and carry that excitement, that spark on. We can light a fire in someone and see it spread, just like a fire in the wild. We can hope that we manage to pass that ability on, that for those people it will be important enough too to leave a little mark and what was truly important for us will be carried on.

Some people carry that spark. Some people have the ability to light fires in others. They can light that fire in everyone. What they need though is people who don’t just extinguish that fire in the end. That they’re willing to at least try to get that spark to jump over to someone else.

So in that sense one single spark can light a fire if it’s lucky to find the right surface. But it’s for sure much more efficient if there are many sparks. If something is truly important to us we need to make sure that we are able to create a constant flow of sparks. So they can spread out and reach as many as possible.

I think in he case of the person I talked about: He truly managed. Now it’s up to all of the people involved to make sure the fire keeps going.

33 thoughts on “A Spark

  1. I don’t think we can pass spark on either. I believe that we can let our flame burn and sparkle around in order to inspire others to do the same. The spark is already there. They simply need to rediscover it. Keep the fire burning, Sandra!

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  2. I’d never seen it that way, but sparks… yeah πŸ™‚ I don’t think we can give sparks either, but they might trigger something in others. I think in the end it’s up to you to keep the sparks going, deep inside of you. And to surround yourself with sparky people, because people who don’t like sparks might end up killing yours too.

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  3. I love this post. I couldn’t say whether a spark can pass from one to another but I think a spark can ignite a passion in someone. that is kind of passing a spark. I am glad you had the opportunity to know someone that had such a spark.

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  4. I think this is one of the reasons why I enjoy being an educator so much. It is very gratifying when I see someone in my class, with something that I discuss, see that “spark” of knowledge as they learn or understand a new concept.

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  6. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping my spark alive so I go find someone else that needs it too and by blowing on mine to reignite it, I can be a light for them to find theirs. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Sometimes the best way to keep my spark going is to be the light for someone to find theirs. It just takes a little breath of air.

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  7. I like the symbolism attached to spreading sparks to light up other people! Excellent theme and cleverly presented! Thank you for an informative blog about writting with passion… Enjoyed this well composed entry!

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  8. I like this idea of passing a spark from one person to another and that many sparks can start a fire or a single one f there is the right surface. Given the right conditions you never know when something is going to catch. It reminds me of an awesome book called The Tipping Point. Brilliant how things can get passed on from one person to another. Nice writing style you have there πŸ™‚


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