SL-Week 35: Cook

Another great task for this amazing photo challenge by Silvain Landry. I love to cook, to create something people like to eat. A meal is more than simply making sure you have fed your body. It’s time to sit down and be with people. It’s time to chat and laugh. I have to admit that my husband is the better chef of the two of us. Nothing beats a home cooked meal that is prepared with love.

This below is one of the dishes I like to make: A meatloaf with a soft egg in the middle, wrapped in bacon. On the side whatever you like. I like mine with a garden salad.

What’s your favorite meal you like to prepare?

Now, please excuse me, it’s time to start cooking…


8 thoughts on “SL-Week 35: Cook

  1. My favorite thing to make is reservations or take out. I used to love making all kinds of things I learned cooking for my siblings and my children. Almost 60 years later, I hate to do more than warm things up except for the odd gathering or surprise company. Even then, some of them I’d rather feed in a restaurant as they are just all fussy these days. Your meal looks delicious so I would order that. 🙂

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  2. Either my bubbie or my grandma, who was a chef for the Turkish ambassador or attache (according to my mom, her daughter-in-law) in London during WWII, made meatballs like your meatloaf. I’ll have to remember to ask Mom which one it was. May seem like an odd combo, even visually, to some, but very tasty and hearty. Thanks for this delicious reminder of a favorite childhood meal that was lovingly made for us.


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