35 thoughts on “Ishtar – Did You Know…

  1. All Christian holidays have their roots in what they considered pagan religions. They figured the best way to win over the heathen was to absorb their holy days and in one or two generations the old ways are forgotten and you are left with a good christian. All cultures have Gods and Goddesses. The people of Ghana have Asae Yaa the Earth Goddess, bringer of new life. The Celts have Eostre and Brigid. The Norse have Freya. The Egyptians have Osiris. The Hindus have Saraswati and Sita. The Swiss have the bear Goddess Artlo who hibernates and brings the cold then with her return comes the spring. All of these and more are Goddesses of renewal and life. Across some of them there are uses similar symbols like the rabbit and the egg. It’s very interesting. I think you will enjoy the research.

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