Blast From The Past – Don’t Stop Believing

This blast from my blogging past is clearly triggered by Dream Big, Dream Often’s post, which I highlighted in this weekend’s Picks Of The Week as well. I think it’s crucial that we don’t stop believing in the impossible. That we don’t let our fantasy fade, just because we are told or taught that certain things just don’t exist or are simply not possible. I admire children because they still see the world with this innocence, with this wonder we have somehow lost on our way to so called wisdom. I wonder who the wiser one is…

I still believe. I believe in the unthinkable, I believe in the impossible and I believe in the magic that is out there. And I would love to invite you all to do the same. The world will be a much better place if we all start seeing it the way children do…

Jack Frost, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Mr Sandman and the Tooth Fairy. They all have something in common. And it is not just the movie “Rise Of The Guardians”! Kids believe in them!

Do you remember, when you were lying on your back, looking up to the sky and imagining pictures in the clouds; dreaming of magical creatures, seeing all sort of different things in the shapes the clouds formed?

We grow up believing in the magical world of fairies, magical creatures like unicorns, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and so on. They bring some unexplainable thrill into our life and sometimes they are used by adults to make kids behave. But they all make us wonder and dream and hope and look forward to something.


The magic of Jack Frost arriving, covering everything in the first snow, the cold, the ice. Snowflakes in their beauty, ice covered lakes and our breath producing “little clouds”.

Waiting for Santa Claus to come and bring us goodies and hopefully let us know that we are on his nice-list. Waiting in excitement for the sleigh to arrive, trying hard not to fall asleep, only to realize the next day, that the old man with the big belly was actually able to sneak, eat the cookies, drink the milk and leave presents behind. How exciting!

Loosing a tooth and putting it under the pillow, wondering if we might catch a glimpse of Toothfairy this time, when she visits to get what she is after and leave a little treat behind. The joy the next morning, that she actually has been there and rewarded us with a little something for taking such good care of your tooth.

I remember that one Easter Sunday. I don’t really know how old I was back then but I was on the verge to stop believing in the Easter Bunny. It had snowed over night and had covered everything in a layer of fresh snow. Not much, but just enough to cover all tracks from the day before. I was up very early, wondering if I would catch my mom hiding our Easter treats somewhere in the garden or in the house. I opened the curtains of my bedroom and looked outside and just saw him disappear. I am sure he seemed bigger back then than he actually was. There, in our garden, in the fresh snow, were fresh bunny paw tracks and I could just see the bunny disappear into one of the bushes along our fence. And then and there I decided that he was real. The Easter Bunny existed! It took a while until I realized that this was not the case. But it doesn’t matter. The magic was kept alive for a little bit longer.

I wish I could still believe in Santa, Easter Bunny, Jack Frost and the Toothfairy. Unfortunately this gets kind of taken from you when you grow up. Reality takes over and pushes the magical world of our fantasy and our believes right out the window.

There are things which were invented for advertising and I guess you kind of realize it over the time. But what about everything else? What about Nessie in Loch Ness? What about Mermaids? And yes: What about fairies? Why should a world like Tinkerbell’s not exist? Why can’t it be possible that in a lake in Scotland a to humans unknown creature exists? Why do we not believe in the possibility that there are mermaids somewhere out there? Only just because there is no proof?

I refuse believing that there is no magic out there. That things, which are not explainable or “possible” can’t exist. I want to keep believing.

I want the world to hide some wonders from us. I want there to be some unexplainable and magical things out there. I love movies like “The NeverEnding Story” and the “Rise Of The Guardians”.

I wish we could see the world through the eyes of our kids and it saddens me when my son tells me that it can’t be.

Yes, my love, it can! Just because we never saw it or because there is no proof doesn’t mean something is not real. There are so many corners in this world we haven’t discovered yet. So many hidden places. Corners and places where magical worlds just might exist. Where fairies and magical creatures might live, hidden from us and still looking after us.

Without those magical creatures and those hidden places, without believing in the unknown, the world might just as well be a dark place. So many times our kids find “a shoulder to cry on” in their imaginary friends. Their imaginary friends, no matter if they are fairies or “people” or animals or I-don’t-have-a-clue-what are always there for them. They always listen and they always understand.

never-ending-storyIt is a shame that we, as adults, don’t believe in all of them anymore. It is a shame that even if we do, we don’t dare mentioning it. It is a shame that if we do, people judge us or even consider us crazy or maybe slightly coo-coo… It is sad, that if we talk to an imaginary friend, we might as well be taken to a specialist.

In a world like ours we need something out there. Something that makes us happy, that brightens our days, that take us too another place and even if it is only for a split of a second.

imagesSo I refuse to stop believing. I want my little world to be filled with wonders and magic. It doesn’t matter if it is only in my fantasy. But still, who knows… Maybe there is this little forest fairy out there, watching us on our hike. Maybe there is the mermaid sending all the colorful fish over to us while we snorkel. Maybe there is Jack Frost, dancing over the lake, covering it in a blanket of ice, while we just quickly turn around to grab our gloves. And I am pretty sure that we will never know, if they don’t want us to know.

Don’t stop believing just because someone tells you to. Keep this magical world alive and exciting and full of wonders. It’s sure worth it!

Fantasia lives

Fantasia lives

27 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Don’t Stop Believing

  1. There’s still a bit of magic left whenever a child opens a book to read as their imagination creates it to feed from. Each time a child asks you to read a story we breathe a little more life into them. At one time no-one believed the atom existed…….
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. There is magic out there. Every time I see a rainbow I think about that pot of hold at the end. Wonder and imagination are the backbone of inventions. I believe.

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  3. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    I think it was one of Natalie Scarberry’s posts at Sacred Touches that helped me realize we were given imagination for a reason – to be able to believe in things we cannot see or prove. I love this post from “A Momma’s View.” I believe!

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  4. You’re so very correct my dear Lady.

    Did you know that quite a number of certain types of Design Houses encourage their designers to look at things “through a child’s eye.”

    Show an adult a crude drawing of something or other, for example consider a circle with lots of wiggly lines emanating from it as a child might draw a crude representation of the Sun and then perhaps add a long straight vertical line extending from the circle. Ask an adult what the drawing means to them and one might be lucky to get one or two comments. On the other hand ask a few Nursery school children and one would receive half a dozen or more marketable ideas within 10 seconds flat:

    – a spider on a lead being taken for a walk
    – my brother
    – a hairy lollipop; my brother often has those in his pockets (but mummy says I’m not to lick them: yet)
    – a crab walking a tightrope
    – a balloon exploding
    – an ice cream with a topping of worms
    – my mummy when she came home from the hairdressers’ last week and just before she hit daddy when he said “if I have to go out in public with you looking like that you’re going to have to wear a dog collar and lead.”

    When I was little, (although I’d like to point out to the ladies that I was never that little), and when idiotic parental level adults would bash me on the head and say, “now then my little man, and what are we going to be when we grow up then,” I would reply at around aged 6, “I have no idea about you numb nuts but for myself I have no intention of growing up and as for being, I shall always be me and if you don’t take your hand off my personage I shall ask my matrilineal progenitor’s permission to bite your testicles. And I should point out, at my current height, I am most admirably poised to be successful in achieving; now sling your hook, I have a major Lego construction project to attend to.”

    Cheers ~ ‘ter

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  5. I love imagination, but the magic begins in every day occurances. Following a butterfly, a cool breeze blowing through your hair, coming from somewhere and going elsewhere. Keep immersing yourself in the exhileration, follow the yellow brick road and I’ll meet you in Fantasia!

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  6. I still do believe and love believing! I believe in fairies and I believe in angels too. I believe in those little elfes watching over us. I love “The NeverEnding Story”! and may watch “Rise of the Guardians” just for the fun.
    Have you seen the recent movie they made about “The Little Prince”! it’s so fantastic too!

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