Color Your World – Robin Egg Blue

Funny how you suddenly learn what the different shades of colors are called, just because you like to take part in someone’s photo challenge. I would have not known that there is a color existing called Robin Egg Blue. For those of you, like me, who had no clue so far, this is what the color looks like:

So I got curious and googled “Robin Eggs” and found this picture:

So they are indeed that shade of blue… Fantastic, isn’t it?! Long story short, here is my take on the challenge and I believe there is some Robin Egg Blue shade in this water, right?



Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells Photo Challenge Color Your World – Robin Egg Blue

16 thoughts on “Color Your World – Robin Egg Blue

  1. There is a duck egg blue too, which is a shade or so lighter.
    Hubby and I have different names for some. We saw a woman wearing a rather nice pink jacket. Hubby said it was raspberry, but i said it probably had some designer name like ‘candyfloss blush’.
    Anything along the aquamrine line though he sees as a kind of blue and I see it as a kind of green. Neither of us are colour blind,
    In my working days, I always wore dark colours, and was surprised at the variance in Black. Buying separates from different shops was never a good idea!

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