Share Your World – 2016: Week 13

This is a fun little challenge I recently discovered and tried to catch up with by answering all questions asked over the last 12 weeks… today’s post will be a bit shorter than my last one.

This week Cee’s asking the following questions (find my answers to them right after the question):

Are you left or right handed?  
I’m right handed. Everyone in my family is. Well, almost. My Mom is actually left handed but back in the days all  left handed people were taught to write and basically do everything with their right hand. Still don’t know really why… So she writes and draws with her right hand but now does everything else with her left hand.

If you had only one TV, would you prefer the TV in the living room or another room?
See, now that’s a funny question for me, as we used to have only one TV for a long time and it was totally normal to have it in the living room. Sometimes I think it would be good to go back to having only one…

Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story.
I used to participate in Endurance races with my horse (long distance races). The biggest distance we took part in was a 60km race. It was the first qualification level for a 120km race. Although we did really well, I did not do the next qualification levels for many reasons. Kept doing the “shorter” distances and enjoyed it a lot. It was all about partnership. And although the horse of course did the majority of the work, it was still challenging for you as a rider too. I did a lot of running then too and you can’t imagine how much a horse can actually recover when you hop off and run next to it for a certain distance. I sometimes miss those times.

I also did some short distance races myself, but they are really nothing to talk about.

Complete this sentence: Love is… .
… something you can’t really describe. You have to feel it.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 
I’m grateful for having had the chance to spend the week with all the people I love to be around. Well, almost. Some are a bit far away… and I’m looking forward to doing the same thing again this week.


15 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2016: Week 13

  1. The Church decided that left handed people were possessed of evil and tried to force all to use their right hand. A custom that was in use far beyond when it should have been since in the 20th C we were supposed to be beyond that kind of silly thought. They were still doing it in the 50’s but I don’t remember seeing too many possessed lefties.
    I love the fact that your priority is spending time with the people you love. I should be everyone’s priority.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. You did endurance races with a horse?! Woah – that is pretty awesome. I now have an image of that movie Hildago popping up in my head.

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