Color Your World – Shocking Pink

Here’s another interesting name of what I think is a great color: Shocking Pink! Now I wonder why it would be called shocking? Maybe because it’s shockingly bright? Or maybe it makes you shockingly aware of something?

Here’s what the color is supposed to look like:


And this is my take on the challenge:

shocking pink

Pretty shocking, isn’t it? Well guess what it is? Can you guess it? I wonder what you think it might be… Oh, okay, if you twist my arm: It’s my workout bra…


Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells Photo Challenge Color Your World – Shocking Pink

13 thoughts on “Color Your World – Shocking Pink

  1. On a different note, Shocking Pink was a book by Erica Spindler from 1998. I read a lot of her stuff, they are great thrillers, and although this was not one of her best in my opinion, it was a good read!

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