If The World Would Be A Stage…

Awards are great. At least I think so. They are a great way of getting to know your fellow bloggers just a little bit better. This is not an award post. Nope. This time I did not get a nomination. But I just finished reading an acceptance post on an other blog, Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes, a blog I really like, and simply loved the questions that are now asked to the nominees for the award. So I figured I might just as well answer them too… Just because I can, right?

  1. What animal other than a horse would you ride?
    Riding a horse is one of the most fantastic things in this world. Nothing really compares to it, I believe. Especially if you know that horse and feel a deep connection with it. I sat on an elephant before, in a Zoo and I believe I did actually once sit on a Camel in a Zoo too. If I could chose any animal I would probably love to ride a whale. Yes, a whale. How fantastic would that be? Imagine!

    A couple of years ago I watched a movie called “Whale Rider”. A fantastic movie all in all. You know how it feels when a movie never lets go of you? This is one of them. So, yes, I would definitely want to ride a whale…

    Whale riding is, by the way, part of Maori myth:

    “The Maori people are an indigenous people who traveled to New Zealand or Aotearoa between the 9th and 13th centuries from the Hawaiian islands using large canoes. Maori is derived from the term Ma-Uri or Children of Heaven. Known to be fierce warriors, they inhabited Polynesia including the Cooke Islands, Samoan Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, and the Niue Islands.   With them came their traditions, folklore and customs. Mythologies and spiritual beliefs were important and were shared generation through generation. Even though Christian missionary work had a major part in shaping modern New Zealand, Maori communities held on to their ancestry and local myths which are present today.

    They believed in a world where gods controlled people’s lives and could be found in nature. All things have a life force. They had myths to explain the creation of the earth, the stars and moon and special events. They were renown for their decorative artwork and  used art to describe their beliefs. There were priests who conducted rites. Spirits were good or evil and could influence people. Myths and religious knowledge were shared by stories through the elders to the young.

    … more about Maori believes and their gods…

    Paikea: According to the New Zealand encyclopedia “Paikea was the grandfather of Tahupōtiki, the founding ancestor of Ngāi Tahu. An important ancestor to both Ngāi Tahu and Ngāti Konohi of Whāngārā, Paikea is depicted on Ngāi Tahu marae”.  He was almost killed off by Ruatapu an unwelcomed son who seeked revenge. Paikea jumped to the sea and was rescued by the sea gods he called on. He started his family in the Ngati Porou tribe in the area of Whangara. This carving at Takahanga marae, Kaikōura is by Cliff Whiting. It depicts Paikea journeying to New Zealand on the back of a whale. 

    Find the source to this here

  2. If you could have any animal as a pet what would you choose?
    Oh probably can’t say whale again here, right? Well, I guess I would not really want a whale as a pet. They belong out there. And imagine the space you would have to provide! Pets are a fantastic thing to have. They are great friends and additions to the family. I feel though that people very often just get one because they want a specific pet, not thinking about what they do to them. Some of those animals simply don’t belong in our homes. They should be out there, roaming free. So I stick to dogs and cats. And if I ever end up with a big enough house with big enough surroundings then a couple of horses would for sure be nice again too.
  3. What did you use to do as a child on school holidays?
    Riding my horse. Catching up with my best friend. It often went hand in hand as she had a horse as well. Depending on the season we went on a nice long ride in the mornings maybe with a picnic involved. So we already had hours to spend together. Then we maybe did something else in the afternoon, like skiing or just playing. I’d say I spend half the day outside and the other half playing Barbie when I was younger. The one thing that was always there was spending time with my horse.
  4. Live forever as poor or live a year as rich?
    How about the golden middle? No? Oh well… There’s my dilemma… I don’t want to live forever. It’s not what this live is all about. I would like to grow old, healthy and active and happy old. But I don’t want to live forever. And here is a very selfish reason for that: I don’t want to see all the people I love so much go and I have to stay back. It made me crazy thinking about it when I watched “The Highlander”. Remember? With Christopher Lambert? Poor guy had to go through all those crazy times and relationships and was just not allowed to die… well, unless he got killed by another one of those live forever guys… beheaded, I believe…

    Liked the movie but hated the idea of having to live forever. I think we have this one life and we should make the most of it. Well, not entirely true… I actually believe that we come back. Reincarnate. Have not figured out just yet how and when, but I do believe that life and reincarnation sort of works like a set of stairs. You live your life, you learn your lesson and then you will be put in a different situation with different challenges and so on.

    Now if I’d live forever I would miss out on this, right?

    Only living for a day would be crazy short thought too. I mean, it triggers the question of how old I would be on that specific day… a baby? A Grandma? A Mom? Or a young woman? A child? I would decide to spend this one day entirely different depending on my age.

    Here is my decision: I wouldn’t be happy if I’d have to make this decision. If I had to, I would rather live a life over a long period of time than only one day, no matter of the amount of money I would have. Being rich or being poor is always connected to money. I believe though, that you can be crazy rich without having any money and very poor with a lot of money on your account…

  5. What is your favourite type of food?
    Oh there are so many… I love fruits… and vegetables… all kind of salad. And yes, I love meat. And bacon. And chocolate. I love chocolate!
  6. What is the best way to boil an egg?
    I put it in the cold water and start boiling it. Only boil it for a couple of minutes. I like the yolk soft almost runny.
  7. What thing would you change in the world?
    I’d like to get rid of all the hate and jealousy…
  8. Best subject at school?
    Languages… I always loved languages. Wish I would use my French more often as I realize it’s disappearing. Wish I would have kept learning Italian and Spanish. There’s still time, but you just learn so much easier when you are young and the options of using those languages were massive in Switzerland compared to here in Australia…
  9. What is your favourite post that you have done?
    Not sure really. My posts come from the heart. All of them even if it doesn’t seem like it. This would be a good question to pass on to you guys… I know it’s asked a lot, but do you have a favorite post I wrote? One that especially touched you?
    If I had to pick two, it would be ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and ‘Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open’ (I chose to link to a Blast Of The Past of this post as I do explain why I like this post so much there…).
  10. Do you think we live in a big brother state?
    I never really felt that way. I think we live in a really good country here. Maybe some of the rules seem a bit over the top, maybe we sometimes feel as if big brother is watching. But in the end we are provided a great live with lots of opportunities. We are well looked after. I find that some neighbors are watching more intense then big brother ever would…
  11. If all the world is a stage where does the audience sit?
    I love this question. That’s why I chose it for my title as well. If the world would be a stage… where would the audience sit…

    In a way I’m tempted to say in the universe. But then little green men come to my mind watching us. Or the stars… Maybe little green men riding the stars?

    Then, thinking about it again there’s only one answer: On the stage! I think the audience in this case sits on the stage. We are the audience. And so we should be. This world is beautiful and frankly, as annoying we human beings can be, we are also pretty cool creations. We just need to find a way to control ourselves a little bit more. Maybe being this audience and watching us would help…

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