#AtoZChallenge: F Like Fear…

By now it’s no secret anymore that I truly love the movie “Rise Of The Guardians”. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times. Up until now I always talked about one specific message in this movie. The message about believing in the magic that’s still out there.

There is another fantastic message in this movie, though. One that I’ve never really mentioned before. A message that stood out when I watched it again only recently.

It’s a message about fear.

Although the movie seems to start pretty light, there is always this tiny “scent” of fear in the air. It’s around Jack Frost, when he so desperately wants to be seen by the children but realizes that they just don’t seem to notice him. And then it hits you in the face the first time the Boogeyman shows up. From there onward the movie slowly but very clearly shows, how fear is always present. How it never gets old and how much it affects us and our lives.

It also shows us that the things we believe in will slowly but surely be affected by our fears. How our fears rob us from our dreams. It’s the nightmares that take over and slowly get a grip of us, sucking out our energy, our hope, the light inside of us.

There’s this one scene when Santa explains to Jack Frost what it’s all about for him:

“I see big eyes of wonder. It’s also what I was born with: With eyes that have seen the wonder in everything. It’s what I was put into the world for and what I protect in children and what makes me a Guardian…”

These big eyes of wonder are his power.

But then the Nightmares led by the Boogeyman take over, affect the children, destroy Mr Sandman. Because the children get scared they don’t dream anymore. They stop believing. And Toothfairy, Easter Bunny and Santa feel the backlash of it.

As Santa says at one point:

“It’s official: My powers are kaputt…”

Just a children movie? Sure. But one with a deep message. Don’t you think so?

It actually really doesn’t matter if you believe in the Toothfairy, the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Santa, Sandman or any of those fantastic creatures. There’s still a lot of truth to this message.

When we let our fears take the upper hand, we loose everything that can make us soar again. It’s like a heavy weight was put around our ankles, pulling us down, holding us down. Limiting our abilities in all directions.

Don’t let it happen! Don’t let your fears take control. Keep believing, keep dreaming, keep smiling, keep going. And let your fears go. Just like the little guy at the end of the movie says to the Boogeyman:

“Because I’m not scared of you anymore!”


Actually makes me think of a quote Danny over at Dream Big, Dream Often posted just the other day:



Inspired by the A-Z Challenge




21 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: F Like Fear…

  1. Finally saw “Inside Out,” sometime within the last month. Now I’ll add “Rise of the Guardians” to list of animated films to view when available on my satellite channels. The good animated films like these “say something” to both adults and children.

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    • So you liked it? Yes, I think they do! They are no longer “just for kids”… And they are no longer only about the Prince rescuing the poor Princess and the mean evil step mother…

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