Fall – How It Is Now

It’s a chilly morning. A chilly 8C here, where I live. If I wouldn’t know better I would now claim that there was actually a bit of morning frost in some places in the shade this morning. But I guess 8C is not cold enough for that just yet and I doubt that the temperature actually dropped below this mark last night.

Fall has arrived in Down Under, while spring is slowly gaining the upper hand in Up Over. It still brings a smile to my face. Everything is the other way around…

It’s a beautiful fall day. One of the sunny and warm ones, the ones you enjoy sitting in the sun, closing your eyes and soaking in the warmth, still feeling the cold tickling your feet a little bit. I watch the steam dancing above my cup of coffee and memories of moments like this in Switzerland come to my mind. Fall was different in a way back there. But not much… I think this might be the only season I really don’t see and feel much of a difference. Sure, there are not as many colorful trees where we live at this stage but you move to another city or simply to another suburb and it might look totally different. And yes, of course the horses are no longer in my backyard, waiting for me to go on a long ride. But the season simply feels very similar.

I always claim that you can smell a season in the air. And it’s no different with this one. Of course it smells slightly different as the leaves at the moment are still hanging on to the branches of the trees. It only just turned cold recently. The soil is not as damp yet. Nature still kind of feels active. Soon this will change.

Forces Of Nature

I guess the one change I always look forward to this time of the year is when the beaches open again for dogs. Over summer your dog is not allowed on the beach, or only in early hours and the evening. Starting now they can come along at any time. This for me means that I will be back to my long walks along the beach again and I can’t wait.

I like my walks along the beach in winter. I like it when the wind is so freezing that it almost feels like I’m somewhere in the snow. I love it when the wind pushes the waves into the shore and you pull your beanie further down and zip your coat up to the top, breathing in the fresh air. I love it when on other days, you open said zipper a little bit more because the sun that shines on your back is warming you up to the point where a little bit more air doesn’t do any harm.

I guess fall is the one season I calm down the most. I find my peace in a way. On those long walks along the beach I often let my mind go back to how it was in Switzerland. I remember the rides with my horse and those memories usually become the most colorful at this time of the year. I can smell the ground, it’s imprinted in my memory, my mind, my body. Some days I actually catch myself thinking that there will be snow coming, just because of the way the air smells. Back in Switzerland I would have been right. Here though, not so much. At least not where we are. You have to travel quite a bit from here to get to the snowfields. I guess what I smell in the air that makes me think of snow is simply the cold mixed with the wind and the tiniest drops of salt water from the ocean.


That of course works for me too.

This post is inspired by a comment Corinne from Wasted Days And Wasted Nights made a while ago. I already wrote about the differences in the other seasons like Winter in Switzerland or Australia , Spring in Switzerland or Australia and Summer in Switzerland or Australia. The post is also inspired by the Daily Post Discovery Challenge – Memory

Thank you for the inspiration, Corinne. It’s also a way to show you all my world. So I hope you enjoy it…

19 thoughts on “Fall – How It Is Now

  1. 8 degrees is cold! I find our winters here in Australia still quite cold although I know it doesn’t compare to the cold in Europe and north America. I’m more of a summer girl myself, enjoying the beach then. But I do like walks along the beach in winter — the crisp air, the solitude, it’s all very lovely. Nice to ‘meet’ you through your blog! πŸ™‚

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    • It’s interesting to see how your body “adapts” to this new kind of cold. I always laugh when my Australian friends start going on about how extremely cold it is and it’s still way above 0C… But then I get cold too in our Australian winters and I feel the cold. Then I start laughing about me. Back in Switzerland we would have not used the word cold. Maybe chilly, but not cold for the temperatures that are considered the lowest here.


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