A Little Morning Surprise

What a great way to wake up. When I went through the comments left by you while I was sleeping last night I of course also came across David Snape’s one:

“Congratulations, I have picked this posts as my post of the week. That means I will read out your post on my next show which will be on Monday so watch out. Congratulations once more πŸ˜ƒ”

Now I find that pretty amazing! David picked my post Footsteps. The same post already had a lot of positive feedback from all of you. And now this!

I am excited!

But now I’m also worried. I’m trying to find out when his radio show will be on, what time he will read it. By when I mean what time. Will it be a time I can listen to it in real time or will it be simply too late for me? I realized that I have no clue in which corner of this planet David sits. What kind of time difference I would have to consider if at all. Would it be an easy European minus 7-9 hours? A North American minus 14 – 17 hours, a Asian minus 2-4 hours, a Middle Eastern minus 6 hours, a South American minus 13 hours?

It was one of those moments I realized how amazing this blogosphere actually is. How we are in contact with people who like what we put out there, who share our work, comment and inspire us. In some cases people we consider some kind of friends. At least I do. We feel connected to them and close. And then, when you do think about where they actually are you realize how far away we all can be. That most probably in a “real life situation” we might have never met. That all those chats and discussions, all the inspiration, motivation, pats on our backs would have not happened if it would not be for this virtual world.

And it puts a smile on my face. Where ever David is on this Monday, he will read out my post. Written on a sunny late afternoon in a backyard in Australia. He will read it to his followers, his listeners who again are spread out over this planet. My thoughts will reach people I would have never reached. They might inspire someone somewhere I would have never met.

I asked David, what time his show will be on and what time zone he is in. I guess he is sound asleep now. But when I get an answer I will let you all know too.




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