Sunset Gold

One of my most favorite views during dinner: A stunning sunset close to the ocean… Almost makes you forget about the food in front of you, right?

We hardly ever go out. We enjoy cooking too much. But when we go out we have our one or two spots where we first of all know that we get good food for a reasonable price but also enjoy the place itself. This picture was taken in one of those restaurants.

What about you? Do you eat out often? What are the most important factors for you to go back to a place or never set foot in there ever again?


Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Dinnertime

25 thoughts on “Dinnertime

  1. What an amazing view! The whole dinner an all over gorgeous experience! I also love to be at places where the surrounding feels good to me, a lovely view or cozy atmosphere, nice people, and…. GOOD FOOD for reasonable prices… you know what that means in our area!!! When I am in Cali I have my favorite places at the beach to go for breakfast for example!

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  2. On the east coast of the U.S., the sunrises are special. Something about being near the ocean stimulates the appetite, always, but also stimulates the urge to get outside, enjoy the sun, walk on the beach, etc. So it all works out.

    I cook almost every day, am very particular about restaurant food, and have spoiled my family in the process ! ☺

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  3. Because of the age the kiddos are, we tend to get take out more often than eating out. We get take out once, sometimes twice a week. We probably eat at an actual restaurant once a month. Food quality is the number one thing we return for.

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  4. Gorgeous view. We never eat out. We get take out once in awhile but eating out is too costly and we are never satisfied. Almost always regret it and think that we could have made something better at home. We’re boring and cheap. 😉

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    • Ha! We can count the meals we eat out in a year on one hand and it’s because of the very reason you just mentioned. If we eat out we want it to be special. Something we think was worth spending money on. In 99% of the nights we went out we came home and said that we could have done it too if not better…

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  5. Ooooh, I’d go back for a view like that 🙂 Our two love eating out so if they like the menu and the service is quick enough for them to cope we love eating out. You’ve reminded me of a lovely restaurant with a sea view on an old summer holiday, thanks 🙂

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