Everybody Dies…

… but not everybody lives! Do you truly live your life or are just floating along? Ask yourself that question. If you can’t answer it immediately with “yes, I do live my life” then it’s time to change something!

I know that there are some parts of our life that we would rather not go through, stuff that we would rather not do. And yet they are necessary or they simply have to be done. But there’s plenty of time on the side to make your life worth living. So do it! Don’t wait! Don’t find excuses!

36 thoughts on “Everybody Dies…

  1. Sandra, I love, love, love that video! This is what I try to spread: Live your life, go for your dreams, in order to never look back and say… “I regret I didn’t do…..” Awesome!!!

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  2. Reblogged this on Joe's blog and commented:
    I have a friend with PTSD who lives by this motto. It resounds with me as well – you never know when you will take your last breath. So get out and make the most of life while you can!

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  3. Most tombstones will display a date, followed by a dash and then another date. We have no control over the first date and very little on the second one but where we do exercise control is on what happens during the dash. Seize the dash.

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