What’s In A Dream?

Do you also have those weird dreams? Dreams like being late, missing the train or plane, sitting an exam, studying for an exam? Here’s what they apparently are about:

22 thoughts on “What’s In A Dream?

  1. Over the last few years I’ve started o dream about sex but I always wake up just when it’s going to happen. I need a good sleeping draught if anyone has one. Either that or a woman.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. I have the teeth falling out dream a lot but I think that may be because my teeth are actually falling out haha. Also the other night I dreamt I met Ken Stott and lost the ability to say anything other than his name in a variety of silly voices. So I want recognition but…I’m an idiot?

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  3. Hubby and I talk about our weird dreams, then pull them apart in analysis. Some of mine have triggered posts and/or poetry, and I always know when I’m under pressure of some kind as i dream of toilets! Cubilcle with no door, sides, or porcelain, no loo roll, toilet placed half way up the wall (not a urinal), no way in, glass walls and totally exposed etc. Analysis is I need to relieve the pressure but something is stopping me!

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  4. I’ve had the falling dream and right before I reach bottom I wake up. Kind of unnerving at times. Also the one about the teeth…I’ve woke up in teh middle of the night just make sure they are still there…lol. It’s been awhile since I had either.

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  5. These all make so much sense to me…great graphics for very common dreams. As a kid, the falling dream was constant. Life was a bit out of control.

    Lately, there seems to be a connection to what I eat. Not sure why ? But I always remember Dickens’ Scrooge, who suspected a “bad pudding” was creating his nightmares. ☺☺

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  6. So what does it mean when I dream about being in “Zombieland,” am heavily armed and apparently I am not concerned about my situation and in fact, may actually be as happy as a pig in mud?!

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