#AtoZChallenge: Y Like You…

You are the most important! You are the one you have to consider first! Things especially parents struggle with. We are used to put everyone first, we are used to put us last. The problem is though, that this will eventually lead to a melt down. We can only give as much as we have and if we don’t look after ourselves we will eventually burn out.

If you are not well you can never give your all to your loved ones. And yet it’s so difficult to look after yourself.Although you whisper to yourself how much you want to be you and look after yourself, you constantly swim against the tide of expectations. Your whisper needs to become louder. You need to turn this whisper into shouting.

Easier said than done…

Often people around you ignore this whisper. Although they liked you when they met you, they liked the picture of you they had when they did. Or maybe was it the picture we wanted them to see? Isn’t it interesting how often people who are close to you will try to make you act differently than you would be comfortable with? How they expect you to be different than you are? I wonder why that is… Do we send out the wrong signals when we are only meeting? Or do they simply see us in a different light? Why would you try to turn someone into something that person is not, never was and will never be? Why do the whispers for getting accepted the way they are kept ignored?

In a world where you are meant to fit a profile, meant to fit a frame, it’s hard to stick to who you truly are. In a world where everyone wants you to be who they want you to be and turn you into something you are not, it’s difficult to stay yourself. But in order to make yourself proud, you need to stand up to those challenges and stay true to yourself. Be who you are and be proud of it. If you manage to do so you can celebrate a big success…



Inspired by the A-Z Challenge and the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Whisper





11 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Y Like You…

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