The Center Court Of Life

Tennis and life have a lot in common. At least I think so. There are the athletes on the court, battling it out, fighting for every point. It’s about stamina, speed, reaction, game plans and how clever you play and how much you understand the game.

It’s also about how persistent you are. It’s about not giving up until the very last point is played. And this is why I admire some of the players out there. Because that is exactly what they do. They might not have the biggest serve or the strongest forehand or backhand. They might not be the fastest, they might not even be the smartest players. But they just don’t give up. They keep fighting and in doing so manage to turn a game around.

As stupid as it sounds I often took this ability as inspiration for my life. I thought a couple of time that even if the score stands at 0:6, 0:5, 0:40 the game is not lost yet, the set is not lost yet and the match is not lost yet. As long as that last point is not lost, you always have a chance to turn things around.


Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Admiration

15 thoughts on “The Center Court Of Life

  1. I am more of a racquetball player…so perhaps I like my life on the down low, where being walled in suits me just fine and speed/geometry are my best friends?! 😉

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  2. I know this is a metaphor, but I never could play tennis. I’ve tried a few times but my hand/eye coordination is really sucky. I always… always miss the ball by [–] this much and it’s really depressing. Plus people who know how to play are either really mean about it or oh, so helpful. >_<

    So I've played for fun a few times with friends, like at night… when there's no one else on the court and it's just us messing around. That's always fun because we can laugh at ourselves missing the ball and no one cares who wins or loses because we're just having a good time and we're not really keeping score… But really playing tennis? Nah.

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    • You know what: I worked in that field but I can’t really hit the ball right 😉 So I totally get what you are saying. I enjoyed messing around with my friends on the court late at night when the ones that actually could play did not see us.

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  4. I’ve never been much of a tennis player but I loved hitting a few balls around when I was younger. And yeah, I admire those pros who persevere and never give up – the hallmarks of any great sportsperson I guess. Nice post. 🙂

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