Borrowed from Our Children

Something we should never forget. And yet it seems to be the common way of thinking. I wonder why… Are we really such a short term society? Do we really only care what goes on while we are alive? Are we really not interested in the future our kids and their kids will face?

It’s the mindset that counts. Let’s be honest: It makes a difference if you own something or if you have borrowed it. If we inherit something we own it. If we own it we might treat it with less care than something we borrowed and know we have to return eventually…

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Earth

13 thoughts on “Borrowed from Our Children

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  2. Your point is well taken but too many of us riding on Spaceship Earth lack a sense of continuity. If our worldview is limited to three score and ten then who cares if the well runs dry after we have taken our last sip of water? I try to live a life predicated on good stewardship but lack any idea of how to spread that mindset to others not so inclined. Perhaps more posts, more often, like this one will change a few hearts and minds. Good job.

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